PUBLISHED: 12:45 AM 15 Nov 2016

Restaurant Sees That Man Is A Veteran, Does Disgusting Thing To Him On Veteran’s Day


They Did A Disgusting Thing To This Veteran

When someone is a veteran of the military in the United States of America they often receive some free or reduced benefits from stores around the country. It is the least that the stores can do for people that decide to put their lives on the line to protect this land.

The restaurant business is no different. They will offer discounts for veterans on certain days of the week. Except that last week we celebrated Veteran’s Day. And a restaurant chain decided that they were going to give free meals to military veterans.

These Men Risk Their Lives So That Families Across The USA Can Enjoy Freedom

These Men Risk Their Lives So That Families Across The USA Can Enjoy Freedom

Ernest Walker decided to go to Chili’s Grill and Bar for their promotion of a free meal for veterans. To prove that he was a veteran, he brought his military ID, discharge papers, and even a service dog and sat down to eat. There were a couple other people that were in the restaurant. Except that the manager of the restaurant didn’t believe he was a veteran and took his free meal away.

Walker, an African American, wrote on his Facebook page that an older white man wearing a Donald Trump shirt had approached him and “he said he was in Germany, and that they did not let Blacks serve over there.” The man left, returned to pet the dog, and left again. Nothing unusual there.

But then things got worse. The manager, identified as Wesley Patrick, decided to come over and say that a customer told him that Walker is “not a real soldier because I had my hat on indoors.” There were other customers nearby that could hear him. So this manager was talking loud so everyone in the restaurant could hear him.

It was then that Walker showed his military ID and discharge papers. Sensing that he was losing, the manager then had the audacity to say that “the guest also said your dog is not a service dog.” If the manager had just looked at what his dog, named Barack, was wearing he would have proved wrong. “Barack had his service vest on, and his certified service tags.”

And that was where the video of the whole situation picks up. The video shows that the manager refused to acknowledge Walker’s military documents or any of his other forms of identification and TOOK AWAY his to-go box. Yes this disgusting excuse for a manager took away a veteran’s leftovers because of something that a customer said.

That video has been viewed over 260,000 times and brought the attention to the restaurant chain. They responded in a Facebook comment saying, “we fell short” to “make every guest feel special,” and the situation has been “escalated to the highest levels of our company.”

That wasn’t the only thing that happened. The Dallas Morning-News reported that Chili’s had made a prepared statement. They are “reaching out” to Walker and that the manager’s “actions do not reflect the beliefs of our brand.” I know it is a prepared statement, but the fact of the matter remains that this disgusting manager EMBARRASSED a military veteran! He should NEVER be allowed to be a manager there again! Hell, this guy should be forced to say thank you to all the military veterans that have put their lives on the line for this.

Not to mention that he was doing this on VETERAN’S DAY. Walker HAD all the papers, he had a service dog that showed he was part of the military. What couldn’t the manager understand that this gentleman is a hero? He publicly embarrassed a military veteran because the manager was too stupid to realize all the forms of identification that were there

Walker served in the United States Army’s 25th Infantry Division from 1987-1991. On Facebook, he shared an old military photo. He also said that he was a homeless teenager that was sleeping behind a grocery store when a recruiter saw him. He said that signing up for military service saved his life.

So needless to say, this man has put his life on the line for his country and served it the best that he could. He is more than deserving of a free meal from a restaurant. But apparently a manager there doesn’t seem to understand that military veterans have several forms of ID. It is either that or he just doesn’t respect members of the military. I’m willing to bet that it is the latter.

It also begs the question on where this anti-veteran behavior came from. And the answer won’t surprise you in the slightest. It has come from the nations top Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. There was even a time when Clinton was being rude to a military K-9 handler just for doing his job. Yes she was rude to someone in the military because she didn’t like the dog or the military.


Obama Doesn’t Care About Our Military In The Slightest

And President Obama isn’t any better. He was the one that was responsible for cutting $2.6 billion from military veterans. And yet he was the same person that gave an additional $4.5 billion to Muslim refugees. It’s official, Obama wants to take care of Muslim refugees more than he wants to take care of military veterans. And you can’t say that someone that does this actually likes the military, otherwise they wouldn’t have done this action.

Share this article to show that a disgusting excuse for a restaurant manager took away a military veteran’s leftovers despite the fact that he had several forms of military ID on him. Walker has been a military veteran since he left the military in 1991 and deserves the utmost respect for acting like on. This manager should be fired and forced to apologize publicly for what he has done to this brave man.

But this is the type of behavior that can be expected from Democrats. Hell their top two figures are responsible for cutting military funding and treating Muslim refugees better than they treat veterans. But that is going to change now that we have someone in the White House that is going to respect the military and everything that it stands for.