Trump Shirt Denial

PUBLISHED: 7:33 PM 23 Oct 2018

‘Resistance’ Denies Service To Family Because Of Trump Shirt

The restaurant has not responded to repeated inquires.

One family was denied service, they say, after a hostess saw the Trump shirt the father was wearing.

“Thank you, Maxine Waters.”

A man named Frank posted to Twitter on Saturday night after he and his family were denied service at Ruby Tuesday.

In Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, the man wrote, he was discriminated against because he was wearing a “Trump – Make America Great Again” t-shirt.

According to the Gateway Pundit, “Frank, his wife and 6-year-old son stopped at Ruby Tuesday in Roanoke Rapids after a 10 hour drive from Florida to grab a bite to eat. Frank said the hostesses were rude and didn’t greet them when they walked into the restaurant. He heard them mumbling something about ‘Trump supporters’ and told him it would be a 20-30 minute wait.”

The family noticed plenty of empty tables, and anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows that even if there are no servers scheduled for those particular tables, making a family wait on a slow Tuesday night is almost unheard of.

In fact, some people who entered the establishment after him were seated right away.

Frank took his grievance to social media.

“Cannot believe our family was denied service at Ruby Tuesday in Roanoke Rapids North Carolina because I am wearing a Trump shirt. Very sad!” he tweeted.

His wife posted images of the empty tables.

Frank said he tried contacting Ruby Tuesday customer service several times through social media and email, writing:

“Last night in Roanoke Rapids my wife @RealTashafromFl, our 6 year old son and I were turned away because I had a @realDonaldTrump shirt on. They let others in, ignored us & few staff members gave us nasty looks.”

The Gateway Pundit reached out to Ruby Tuesday but did not receive a response.

This sort of bigoted discrimination has increased since Maxine Waters called for it among democrats, and the activity has ratcheted up before the election.

Many people feel that voting out all democrats who condone such discrimination, which is reminiscent of the 1960s when democrats fought against Civil Rights, is necessary for preserving the United States republic.

Perhaps Ruby Tuesday will feel the change when conservatives stop taking their business there?