Bavarian Islamization Blocked

PUBLISHED: 10:20 PM 23 Jul 2018

Residents In Bavarian Town Vote To Stop Mosque Construction Of Public Land

The vote against the mosque, which was reportedly initiated by one man, received nearly 60% of the vote in a referendum that had 45% voter turnout.

The local residents in Kaufbeuren, which is a relatively small town in Bavaria, Germany, recently voted 60%-40% against the construction of a new mosque on public land (pictured above).

Just recently, the residents of Kaufbeuren, a relatively small town in Bavaria, Germany, voted against the construction of a new mosque on public land. Amazingly, the vote, which had an incredible 45% voter turnout, reportedly came after one man’s crusade to stop the “Islamization” of his local community.

Specifically, the campaign to not allow the construction of a new mosque on public land was allegedly started by Werner Göpel, a retired detective, because of “a fear of the ‘Islamization’ of local society.”

The origin of the initiative, however, has been disputed by members of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, who claim they are the ones who really started it.

While speaking to reporters about the AfD’s claims, Göpel asserted that he alone made the decision to start the initiative, otherwise known as “Kaufbeurer Bürger gegen Neubau einer Ditib-Moschee” or “Kaufbeuren citizens against a new DITIB mosque,” and suggested that everything else was supposedly a lie.  

According to reports, approximately 45% of roughly 34,000 eligible voters participated in the election, which centered around “whether the city would provide the local branch of the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (DITB) with a 5,000-square-meter (54,000-square-foot) plot in an industrial area.” The minimum turnout necessary to make the vote valid was reportedly 20%.

Stunningly, out of everyone who voted, 59.6 percent against decided against building the mosque and only 40.4 percent of the voters decided in favor of building the mosque. This means that 27% of all eligible voters decided against the mosque’s construction.

Prior to the vote, the city had purportedly been negotiating with DITB, which is reportedly a nationally active Turkish-Islamic religious association, about the details of the mosque’s construction. Now, they apparently have to break off all their negotiations with the Islamic group.

Aside from this referendum, the only other time that there had been a vote on building a mosque in Germany was in 2002, and it occurred in the town of Schlüchtern. The majority in that referendum, however, actually voted in favor of the mosque’s construction.

During this recent referendum, though, there was a massive amount of concern that DITB was really just an “extended arm” of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkey.

Moreover, there was also concern that the group “spreads a political Islam that is incompatible with Germany’s Basic Law and the free democratic order.” Basically, this means that many were worried about the mosque possibly turning people into radicalized jihadists, who then engage in domestic terror attacks. 

During an interview shortly after the vote, Stefan Bosse, the mayor of Kaufbeuren, told reporters that the “very high turnout” had demonstrated that residents had been truly concerned about the issue.

“I believe that the discussion was massively overshadowed by larger issues such as the relationship with Turkey and the migration problem,” the mayor added, referring to the concerns that people had about DITB’s ties to President Erdoğan.

Following the vote, Osman Öztürk, the chairman of the DITB branch in Kaufbeuren, admitted that he was “shocked” by the result of the election but recognized that he had to accept the outcome.

Despite the fact that the residents voted against allowing for the construction of a new mosque on public land, DITB is not prevented from constructing the mosque on private land, which is what they will likely end up doing given the fact that they supposedly received “a lot of support from their neighbors” and, quite shockingly, local churches during the referendum.

Disturbingly, Turkey is not the only country supposedly supporting the Islamization of the world. Last year, for instance, the government of Saudi Arabia reportedly sent Bangladesh, which is a predominantly Muslim country 2,700 miles away, a $967 million dollar grant.

Alarmingly, shortly after receiving the money from the Saudi government, the cabinet of Sheikh Hasina, who is Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, subsequently approved an initiative to use the new money to construct more than 500 mosques across the country.

What’s worse, there is also a creeping amount of Islamization within the United States. Around the same time that the Saudi government sent Bangladesh their massive grant, a church in North Carolina was reportedly converted into a mosque.

Shockingly, the conversion was purportedly done by a group of misguided Christians in an attempt to show respect to the local Muslims in the community.

Specifically, several Christian pastors agreed to sell a local church that was sitting on four acres to the local Muslim community for $230,000. After selling them the mosque, the Christians then, quite absurdly, helped them turn the church into a mosque.

After the conversion was complete, the mosque leader, Ali Muhammad, apparently decided to give the crosses that they had removed back to the pastors as a sign of their own good faith.

Without a doubt, the growing Islamization of the world is extremely worrisome. Fortunately, though, the actions of some individuals, like the residents of Kaufbeuren, help hinder this creeping concern.