PUBLISHED: 9:41 PM 19 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 9:44 PM 19 Feb 2017

Republicans Reach First Conclusion In House, Reveal Plan Of Action To Remove Obama’s ‘Legacy’


The GOP is now moving to replace Obamacare with something that actually is affordable.

Obamacare, the (anything but) Affordable Care Act, has been a terrible thorn in the side of every stable-minded economist since it’s insidious inception. The very idea that healthcare is a federal government issue is counter to the Constitution which says that ALL things NOT outlined in the Constitution are STATES RIGHTS’ issues. When we disobey the guardrail that is the U.S. Constitution, we always pay a price, as seen in the failing states of our schools, Social Security, and welfare. This is one of the reasons why people like Rand Paul have come out so strongly about how Obamacare must be handled–which must not be on a federal level.

These and more were concerns addressed by Paul Ryan, United States Speaker of The House. Ryan pointed out that “Obamacare is not simply stuck in some kind of status quo. It is getting worse by the day, and it will keep getting worse unless we act,” a concern shared by millions of Americans who have lost their beloved insurance only to have it replaced by one that they detest. Deductibles have gone far beyond what the average American can afford and the fines that Obamacare had planned were nothing short of immoral in that it fined a person for not having enough to money to be covered.


Paul Ryan is laying out details about the new national healthcare plans

Ryan spoke of “rescuing people from the collapsing law,” which when considering the damage that it has done, is a fair way to word the planned dismantling of Obamacare. The aim of the Republicans is to find a system that Ryan says will be a ” true patient-centered system” that does a better job at making sure that everyone has access to care that they can afford and that is of the highest quality.

Paul Ryan said that the way to accomplish this feat is to add more choices with lower costs, though he does not extrapolate on how lower costs can come about just by more choices, alone. It can be worried that all insurance companies will hover around the same cost so that there are simply too many expensive and unaffordable choices. Today we have only a few expensive and unaffordable choices, so this needs to be addressed by more within the GOP. WHAT is going to be done to lower costs? Competition alone will not do it.


The numbers for Obamacare is horrible and has ruined American health insurance.

The good news is that Ryan said that he wants doctors and patients making choices, not the insurance company or the government, which does sail over one of Obamacare’s major hurdles. This means that there won’t be eugenics, organ harvesting, or simply letting people die because their treatment is too expensive. This may the be the single most important change to Obamacare, and while expensive and SHOULD BE DONE BY THE STATES, it is vital just the same. If states won’t step up and demand the right, then the federal government it must be, sadly.

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady stated that they were scheduled to work on this matter as the weeks progressed, likely putting it in line with a planned due date for an insurance outline from the aforementioned, Rand Paul. If the two plans should meet at one time, considering that Rand is certainly of the more libertarian/states rights wing of the GOP, then there could be some real hope that this time we all may see at least a “Somewhat Affordable Care Act.” That is at least a step in the right direction.


Rand Paul has had solid ideas for how to bring cost down in regards to insurance since Obamacare has failed.

The GOP plan includes health saving accounts too, which is a remarkable idea, as long as Trump succeeds in making America great again, especially the poor U.S. economy that sees real adjusted wages less than in the 1970’s.  As a matter of fact, Forbes has found that 40% of America make less when adjusted for inflation than the 1968 minimum wage. This is why 24-year-olds owned hotrods in 1968 and today can’t afford a Yugo. Even if Trump succeeds as he seems destined to, the NEXT crash that will happen someday would really make a savings account for healthcare hard, though lower taxes would certainly help it to be. One worry here is that the average citizen would need to be wise enough to save, which according to debt number, is a big “if”.

The plan also calls for “high-risk pools” for sick people, which is a very good idea that was missing form Obamacare because it assumed that the average 21-year-old was going to buy insurance that covered tests that an older person would need. With high-risk pools, this foolishness is not needed, for if the 21-year-old were to acquire some horrible illness (which does happen), there would be hope. Such a person would not need to pay for this insurance just as a normal, healthy person who has no need for such high-end coverage.


Under Obamacare rates have gone up and insurance has gone down.

The best news of all is that the plan talked about by Ryan is allowing states to have more say. Competition over state lines would do wonders to bring prices down since some states are more in a position to make deals than others. Since much of the GOP plan calls for things like this to happen, this is good news. If something does not bring the costs down, the GOP risks making “Trumpcare” just “Obamacare” with a new name, just like “Romneycare” was only a so-so plan before it was ruined by the federal government and called, “Obamacare.

See a pattern forming here, anybody?

Breitbart reports that the plan “includes tax credits for individuals to buy health insurance dependent on age and family size rather than Obamacare’s income basis” which grants far more control to the patient. Obamacare roped everyone into paying for far more than they needed or wanted because it was trying to get everyone to pay for the pricey needs of a few, something that high-risk pools and age/family size plans should dictate. A family knows what insurance they need and can afford, not Uncle Sam.

Lastly, the new plan works to level the playing field by giving less money from the federal government to those states that expand Medicare under Obamacare than those who do not. This would work to make sure that the poor are not left out if their state does not choose to make the move via Medicare. This makes perfect sense since each state knows it Medicare needs more than Big Brother.  In all of this it should be noted the Democrats were wrong again, for in no way are the poor being forgotten.

We know that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has said, “the president is all in on this,” which is important news for those who are folding under the costs of a failing Obamacare. President Trump is in favor of repeal and replace, something that Ryan and the GOP establishment has heavily waffled on. Thankfully, Flynn being fired may have been a massive wake up call for those that wish to defy Trump and dilute his message. If that is the case, then Flynn may have just saved Obamacare by lying to the Vice President. Regardless, almost anything that repeals Obamacare they way that Trump wants without deviation can only be a benefit for everyone involved.