GOP Vote Trap

PUBLISHED: 10:39 PM 19 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 10:41 PM 19 Jul 2018

Republicans Catch Democrats In Trap Vote

They wisely forced a vote on a resolution that would force the democrats to pick sides, and to do so in front of all the citizens of the nation.

Republicans managed to catch leftists in a trap vote, and it seems that they are not happy about it.

Since the mainstream media ran all those stories about how terrible Donald Trump’s treatment of illegal immigrants and their children was (even though they started the story by using a picture of children during the Barack Obama administration), it seems that leftists have gone insane over Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In an unusually tactically-sound move, Republicans decided to force Democrats to cast a vote on a resolution expressing support for that very same government agency. In one move, they managed to force members of the DNC to either take a stance for, or against, both ICE and illegal immigrants. Of course, this ‘gotcha’ vote enraged Democrats, as it should them to be the hypocrites they are.

On Wednesday, July 18, Republicans in the House forced a vote on a resolution written to express support for the government organization in charge of enforcing immigration laws in the United States.

House Resolution 990 was written not only to show support for ICE, but also to denounce progressive attempts to destroy the agency for sins attributed to the agency by leftists who aren’t quite aware of what its job is.

The vote passed, with 244 ‘yea’ votes to 35 ‘nay’ votes, and 133 Democrats decided that they would vote ‘present’ on the House resolution.

The vote was entirely designed to call out Democrats who had recently signed onto new legislation that was designed to abolish ICE, and to redistribute the work that the agency was created to do to other agencies currently in existence.

The progressive, hard-left wing of the Democrat Party has recently taken aim at the government agency due to their work enforcing immigration laws. Though the agency didn’t write the laws, the leftists feel that they should be held accountable for enforcing laws, settlements, and regulations, that have been in existence for decades.

They said that they were especially angry about the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy against illegal immigration, which leads to the separation of children who cross the border illegally with their parents.

However, there’s a problem; that isn’t an ICE policy, nor is it something they carry out.

That policy is enforced by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, commonly known as the border patrol.

Leftists, predictably, were angry about H.R. 990. Representative Mark Pocan, who was the lead author of H.R. 6361, which would have abolished ICE, among other things, called the Republican bill misdirection, and said that it was a “cruel trick.”

He wasn’t talking so tough when Republicans said that they would hold a vote on his bill to undermine border security and organizations involved in it, however.

Indeed, it seems like the bill was entirely “misdirection” on Pocan’s part, as Democrats signaled they had no intention to vote for the bill to abolish the government agency, and he didn’t seem too interested in forcing a vote on it.

House Whip Steve Scalise, a Republican, said that the vote was called on H.R. 990 in order to show the contrast between the DNC and GOP, and to highlight those differences shortly before the 2018 midterm elections.

The vote forced members of the leftist part in America politics to either stand behind their progressive wing, risk alienating hard-left voters, or to show themselves to be spineless.

All Republicans in Congress voted in favor of the resolution, except for one. Eight simply didn’t vote at all.

On the other hand, only 18 Democrats voted to support ICE and its employees. By doing so, they likely angered the more hard-left members of their constituency.

Thirty-four Democrats outright voted against showing support for the government organization, and in doing so likely showed moderates that the party is more interested in standing up for illegal immigrants than border security.

One hundred and thirty-three Democrats simply voted ‘present,’ suggesting that they do not have the fortitude to take a stand in either direction.

Of course, their party has spent weeks assailing those who enforce immigration law.

In Portland, Oregon, one of the most liberal cities in the United States, leftists protested outside of an ICE building, and even attempted to block the entrance.

Meanwhile, leftists around the country have been following members of the Donald Trump administration and harassing them whenever and wherever they could, as leftists like California Democrat Maxine Waters encouraged them to do so.

In New York, leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has repeatedly pushed for abolishing ICE, in between showcasing her lack of knowledge on topics like the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

If nothing else, the Republicans managed to force Democrats to show the American people what they value. It turns out that more Democrats value pandering to the illegal immigrant vote, and to the ‘minority’ community, than they do enforce border or immigration laws.

That’s worked out quite well for Europe thus far.