Sheriff Under Fire

PUBLISHED: 6:40 PM 26 Feb 2018

Republicans Ask Governor To Suspend Sheriff Over Florida Shooting

They are citing his incompetence with the issue before and after the shooting.

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran sent a letter to the state Governor Rick Scott urging him to immediately suspend Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel because of the way his department handled the horrible Parkland shooting.

According to recent reports, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran sent a letter to the state Governor Rick Scott urging him to immediately suspend Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel because of the way his department handled the horrible Parkland shooting. This situation took place yesterday afternoon when Corcoran published his letter on Twitter, signed by other 73 Republican lawmakers.

Experts believe it would be surprising if Israel doesn’t get suspended, considering the pressure he is experiencing from both sides of the political spectrum. According to Corcoran’s letter, the Florida Constitution provides the governor the power and authority to suspend a sheriff over “malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty (or) incompetence.”

In addition, Corcoran wrote in his letter that he requests Scott to immediately exercise this particular power and suspend the sheriff of Broward County, not only for incompetence but also for neglect of duty.

The letter further pointed out Israel’s handling of the Florida shooter case, including the way the sheriff’s office inefficiently responded to an incident at the mother of Nikolas Cruz’s house during his first week on the job.

Moreover, Corcoran wrote that Israel’s fundamental duty is nothing more than keeping the peace and protecting every single citizen of Broward County.

Also, the Florida House Speaker explained that the Broward County Sheriff’s Office has the power and responsibility to appoint the most qualified deputies and to ensure that each of them receives what he described as “state-of-the-art-training.”

In his letter, Corcoran claimed that the sheriff clearly failed to maintain a culture of vigilance, alertness, and thoroughness among his deputies.

Additionally, Corcoran said that Israel failed to accomplish his duty to ensure that each of his deputies has the necessary active shooter tactical training in order to operate in the most efficient way. Finally, Corcoran pointed out that students and teachers died as a direct result of the sheriff’s failures.

Since different media outlets revealed his mistakes, sheriff Israel has been in really hot water, to the point where many feel surprised that he hasn’t resigned yet.

Believe it or not, the different publications about this issue revealed that school resource officer Scott Peterson didn’t enter the school when he knew the shooting was taking place. In addition, it was known that three other sheriff’s deputies waited behind their vehicles while Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people inside the school.

Regarding these revelations, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Israel this weekend in order to know his version of the events.

One of the most controversial moments of this interview was when the sheriff declined to answer if four of his deputies were ordered to stand down during the school shooting.

Naturally, the possibilities of defending Israel were completely destroyed soon after this particular moment. After all, refusing to point out if he gave the order that led the shooter to continue his massacre represents the most damaging stance.

Tapper initially asked the sheriff if it was some kind of “policy” for the Broward County Sheriff’s department to set up a perimeter before going into the high school in order to stop the shooter.

Naturally, Tapper made that question considering that Israel has had said in a previous interview after the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting that he learned it was extremely important for officers to make this move before entering the premises. However, the sheriff claimed that the strategy of setting up a staging area wasn’t applied to the Parkland school shooting.

Lamentably, Israel decided it was a good strategy to discredit the CNN host live on air while answering his question, which is definitely the worst thing you can do when facing a very uncomfortable moment.

After telling Tapper that he was talking apples and oranges, Israel gave his explanation about the Florida shooting case.

He said that when authorities have a horrible incident of any magnitude and that incident is over and people are arriving to help and everyone knows there’s going to be at least 10 hours of work, firefighters, deputies and police officers are available to go to staging areas.

After that, Israel explained that an active shooter is something completely different considering the numerous implications of such a case. According to the Sheriff, when there’s an active shooter, authorities push to the entry and the killer in order to get in and eliminate the threat.

While he was running smoothly after discrediting Tapper, the sheriff dodged when asked if the deputies may have received any kind of order that prevented them from entering the school.

“I haven’t heard that…right now, Jake, the focus of this agency is on a successful prosecution of the killer. We will get to the truth but right now people could have conjecture, people can act on rumors, and everyone has their right to their own opinion,” the sheriff said.

After that, Tapper grilled Israel about why the deputies didn’t enter the school while Cruz was killing innocent students. The sheriff only responded that there was an ongoing investigation as to why these deputies lagged behind while the Coral Springs police officers went in to solve the problem.