PUBLISHED: 12:40 AM 11 Jan 2018

Republican Kennedy Reminds GOP Of “Idiot Control” As Latest Gun Bill Gains Speed

Senator John Kennedy says he cannot support this bill.

Senator John Kennedy says he cannot support this bill.

Sen. John Kennedy took a stand against bureaucratic incompetence and inefficiencies in the name of the Second Amendment.

“I don’t think we need more gun control; I think we need more idiot control,” Kennedy said in an interview. The senator ridiculed a new bipartisan gun control bill aimed at preventing mishaps in the uploading of information into federal databases.

“I support background checks. What I don’t support is federal bureaucrats’ inability or unwillingness to do their job,” Kennedy stated. “We don’t need a law to try to get federal workers to do their jobs. We shouldn’t be asking government workers to ‘pretty please with sugar on top, can you do your job?’

They already get an incentive for loading records into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System; it’s called a paycheck. If that’s not a good enough incentive, then they need to be fired.”

Kennedy also said that he supports the background check system, but cannot throw his weight behind this bill in particular.

The bill, by Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas, would dock federal agencies that fail to upload relevant disqualifying records into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). States that comply would receive more federal dollars.

President Trump with the NRA.

The bill currently has 17 Democratic sponsors, 17 Republican sponsors, and an Independent sponsor, Sen. Angus King of Maine, and is expected to pass the chamber easily when it is put to a vote.

The bill’s genesis commenced in November of last year after an Air Force veteran unloaded bullets on churchgoers in Sutherland Springs, killing 26 people.

The Air Force had failed to report Kelley’s 2012 military court convictions for spousal and child abuse to civilian law enforcement authorities. Because of this, the convictions were never uploaded to the NICS system.

The conviction barred Kelly from legally owning a gun. Felony convictions, a dishonorable discharge from the military, mental illness, and illegal immigration status: all can hinder or eradicate one’s right to own a gun.

Regardless, Kennedy will withhold his support for the bill. And he realizes that he could be the only “no” vote.

Despite this, the senator maintains the problem of guns making their way into the hands of disqualified people does not derive from deficiencies in NICS itself, but from federal bureaucratic negligence in uploading the proper information.

Historically, Republicans have opposed any measure for gun control, but the bill is bipartisan. However, the overall tone towards gun control from the White House has always been one of complete opposition.

And why wouldn’t the White House be opposed to gun control? It’s been proven that it does nothing to ease the amount of gun violence. Chicago is a great example of this.

President Trump completely understands this. He campaigned as a fierce defender of the second amendment, vowing to undo any actions by President Barack Obama on gun control.

Obama wipes away crocodile tears after another attempt at taking guns failed

On Feb. 28 President Trump signed a bill into law. The new law, which blocked the Social Security Administration from reporting mentally ill gun owners to a national background-check, helped the president do just that – undo some of Obama’s anti-gun legislation.

In just a few months, the Trump administration has eased quite a few Obama-era gun regulations.

For instance, the Army Corps of Engineers has filed a notice in a court case that it is reconsidering a ban on carrying firearms on its land.

Furthermore, the Justice Department narrowed its definition of fugitives barred from purchasing weapons, and the Interior Department lifted a federal ban on hunting with lead ammunition in national parks.

Looking through history, it’s apparent that gun control measures only belong in totalitarian societies. Gun control is always implemented prior to any dictatorial takeover of a nation.

President Trump reiterates his stance on the 2nd amendment after Devin Kelly shot and killed 26 people

Beyond that, the basic legislation never works. Gun-control advocates say we need a universal ban on guns in order for any anti-gun legislation to be effective. But this is dangerous and illogical thinking.

As Rand Paul points out, the restrictions in the Constitution are not for limiting the freedoms of the citizens. They’re for limiting the freedoms of the government.

Once guns are removed from the hands of everyday Americans, the government can do whatever it wants. It’s far better for a government to fear its people than for people to fear their government.

Senator Kennedy is right: this legislation will do absolutely nothing to deter future incidents. It’s just another way the government can waste money.