Congressman Tries To Turn American Nightmare Into “Dream”

PUBLISHED: 12:06 AM 26 Jan 2018

Republican Congressman Makes Ridiculous Argument, “DACA Kids Hold Conservative Values”

This representative believes that DACA recipients will “eventually” become Republicans.

Does Representative Marshall really believe this.

Republican Congressman Roger Marshall has made a ridiculous argument in favor of granting full amnesty and citizenship to illegals protected by DACA. He believes that the illegal aliens who benefit from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program are the American Dream.

He thinks that they would vote Republican because they represent conservative values which are based on faith and family. This argument seems to completely ignore the liberal social programming and identity politics that dominate the debate in the media and in the actions of the protesters.

During an interview with Breitbart, Marshall was asked why Republican Americans should accept a deal that would mean an influx of so many Democratic voters. The average age of a DACA beneficiary is now in the mid-30s.

Joel Pollak pointed out that the way that DACA activists demonstrate and shout things shows how partisan the issue really is. He wonders why no activists have reached out to conservatives to say “I share your values.”

Rep. Marshall said that the “DACA kids” he has met do hold the same conservative values, and would vote Republican if given amnesty and citizenship. Many Americans would find that very difficult to believe.

Pollak stated that of these individuals, those who are from Mexico and Central American do not tend to make the transition to conservatism. He said, “You have many of the same problems that you have in their countries of origin. I’m not just talking about DACA beneficiaries. I’m talking about groups of immigrants, in general. I don’t know that this transition to conservatism necessarily happens.”

It does make it difficult to agree with such arguments when the public is confronted with protesters who are militant and at times are shown as being extremely anti-American.

Dreamer protesters gathered in front of Disneyland this week, to support amnesty and shout in Spanish. Some illegals wave foreign flags, while Dreamers are given free education and social services in America.

The Conservative Daily Post reports that according to the Federation for American Immigration, “illegal aliens cost our country $116 billion annually after you consider the sum of their contributions.” The cost to state education, social programs and in the criminal justice system are overwhelming the resources of local communities.

The Democratic leadership has often praised Dreamers and their illegal activities. It will be difficult for the Republican Party to overcome the many years of programming in liberal identity politics, and convince those granted citizenship that they should vote according to a political ideology based on religion or traditional conservative points of view.

Of the 3.6 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, only approximately 800,000 are accepted into the DACA program. The American Hope Act would give legal status to 3.5 million Dreamers, where the DREAM Act would allow 2.1 million to stay in the country.

President Trump recently stated that he is open to giving a pathway to citizenship for DACA individuals. He believes it will be an “incentive” for them to work hard. President Trump said, “Tell them not to worry about it. We’re going to solve the problem. Now, it’s up to the Democrats, but they should not be concerned.”

He went on to say that he would consider extending the deadline for DACA if Congress is not ready by the expiration date. But leaving anything up to the Democrats is a cause for concern.

The president continues to be focused on building the security wall and is looking for $25 billion to be placed in a fund. He is also concerned with the unfair lottery immigration system, hoping to replace it with a merit-based system.

Lawyers for the Trump Administration are currently challenging an injunction made by William Alsup, the federal judge who stopped the cancellation of DACA. In an effort to avoid the liberal Ninth Circuit, they have filed a petition with the Supreme Court.

A solution to the issue of immigration is close at hand. The current administration is focused on solving the problem and has never wavered on the one thing that will secure this issue into the future. Border security, including a physical wall, will ensure that American is safe from drugs, disease and those who would otherwise exploit the country.

Although many families who immigrated from Mexico and Central America are Christian and hold conservative values, this has not always been represented well by the protesters or the liberal media.

It seems that the Democrats are confident in the many years of social programming that continues to separate those who side with the Dreamers.

Those who identify as a Dreamer, or with the La Raza movement in the Hispanic community, are sure to continue to vote along the Democratic party lines well into the future.

By limiting the number of illegal aliens that are granted citizenship to those individuals who know no other country, perhaps Republicans can show a capacity for a compassionate resolution to a difficult problem.