Deep State Investigation

PUBLISHED: 6:08 PM 11 Sep 2018

Representative Demands Declassification, Continues Investigation Into Deep State

Representative Goodlatte is still continuing his investigation into the deep state, and it appears that now he's hunting for big game.

Representative Goodlatte of Virginia demands the declassification of documents concerning the Clinton and Trump investigations as he continues his deep dive to ferret out the deep state.

While rumors abound that the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation is slowly coming to an end, it seems that the investigation into the Barack Obama administration’s inquest into Donald Trump and his campaign is just beginning to heat up. It also appears that republican members of Congress didn’t rest on their laurels over the August recess.

According to Representative Bob Goodlatte, a Republican member of Congress representing Virginia, the House Judiciary Committee, which he chairs, has been looking into allegations of impropriety concerning the Trump campaign spying… aka spygate. He says that the committee is working, right now, to schedule hearings with Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey.

Finally it seems, the Obama Echelon will testify as congress is “digging them out,” and demanding special counsel so that the public can see certain DOJ documents as well.

According to Rep. Goodlatte, the HJC has interviewed a number of major players in the investigation, including Bruch Ohr, and they are still looking at the Federal Bureau of Investigation to line up additional witnesses that they would like to question.

He also said that they were digging out witnesses “one at a time,” and that the committee was making a lot of progress.

Maria Bartiromo asked him, during a Fox News interview, if he would be able to interview people like Jim Comey, the former director of the FBI, Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General and head of the Department of Justice, and even Sally Yates, the former Deputy Attorney General, and interview them before the midterm elections.

Goodlatte replied that they were “working right now” to schedule hearings and interviews with those major players.

He also said that if the higher-ups who may have been involved in legally and ethically questionable spying on a rival political campaign do not come voluntarily, he would subpoena them.

The congressman promised that he would work on it through the fall, and whether that meant hearings before the election or after them, he was not going to give up.

The Virginian congressman also pointed out that he wanted to interview the three, as well as others like Nellie Ohr (Bruce Ohr’s wife), Glenn Simpson (Nellie Ohr’s employer at Clinton ally Fusion GPS), and others, some of whom are related to the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton campaign itself, as quickly as possible.

He suggested that these people had knowledge of how a major law firm and an opposition research firm (Fusion GPS), both tied to the Democrat Party, were actually working with the Bureau to launch an investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign.

Rep. Goodlatte also pointed out that the way the government took that information and used it to spy on Carter Page (and eventually others) is a serious and worrying abuse of power.

President Donald Trump also has a role to play in the investigation, and many republicans hope that he will declassify documents that will show members of the House Judiciary Committee (and the general American public) what caused the disparate way the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email server investigation compared to the investigation into the Trump campaign.

The esteemed congressman from Virginia believes that President Donald J. Trump will do just that, and even said that it would be a great help, but he also believes that the Justice Department needs to appoint special counsel.

According to Goodlatte, he’s been calling for just that for over a year now, and he hopes that the DOJ will see the wisdom in doing so.

It has seemed obvious for quite some time that the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Mrs. Clinton herself, were given special consideration by the government, even after she committed a crime by having classified emails on her personal server.

However, testimony from those involved in the cases is still necessary, in order to figure out precisely why there was such a difference in the way the cases were handled.

Many feel it would also be useful, both to the public and the general populace, to be able to view the evidence presented to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act courts, and for political purposes, it would be best if Lynch, Comey, and Yates testified before the midterm elections.

If their testimony is what many republicans believe it will be, it could lay bare the dishonesty of the Obama administration in its last days, and show that those in the ‘deep state’ were more than happy to abuse their positions, and public trust, to try and undermine a political candidate.

Of course, if that were to happen, it would likely tarnish the general reputation of the democrats, while showing that the republicans (and President Donald J. Trump) were right all along.

Whatever happens, it will shed interesting light on a number of extremely questionable decisions made concerning investigations in 2015 and 2016, and what political considerations may have been made in the course of those inquests.