Dem Voter Fraud

PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 1 Nov 2018
UPDATED: 9:21 PM 1 Nov 2018

Reporter Gets Democrat Vote Texts Urging People To ‘Vote Twice’ In Spanish

He has the texts to back up the report, which show democrats advocating election fraud.

Another released is scheduled today, delivering 500 illegal immigrants to the streets of Texas.

A reporter for Townhall said he “wound up on the text message list for a group claiming to be the Nevada Democratic Party and multiple liberal organizations looking to ‘get out the vote.’” And what he shared was almost unbelievable… almost.

In fact, one of the texts stated, “You can vote once early and once on election day.” Then others stressed multiple times “NO ID REQUIRED” while explaining voters don’t need to speak English.

Then they ask, “Do you need a ride to the polls?”

Wayne Allyn Root wrote, “First of all, these Democrat ‘get out the vote’ texts I am bombarded with all day, every day, arrived without ever asking for my permission. That’s a violation of the law.

“Secondly, most of them arrive in Spanish, which tells me that either Democrats assume the typical Democrat voter no longer speaks English…or they have me on a list aimed directly at foreign-born, non- English speakers.”

He explained the messages originate from liberal groups that claim Trump and Senator Dean Heller “will deport and jail your family. Trump and Heller hate Mexicans. Vote.”

He correctly inferred that since no one can be deported unless they are here illegally, these texts are clearly designed for illegal aliens.

It’s a crime for illegal aliens to vote.

“Worse, isn’t it a serious crime for Democrats to be urging illegals to vote? But who else could they be targeting, if they are warning that me and my family will be detained, jailed and deported by Trump and Senator Dean Heller if I don’t vote Democrat?”

The texts actually stated, “F—K Trump. Stupid Republican retard. Trump is the anti-christ. Trump loves misery and hates Mexicans. Trump wants you to die. Trump wants to murder Mexicans.”

In fact, many of them have the words,  “F–K Trump.”

There is no doubt that this is an organized attempt to illegally influence the election in Nevada.

Allyn Root explained the texts, “also cheer for the illegal alien caravan and urge me to donate money to support the caravan. They want to help this illegal mob reach America.”

And, the #openborders message is included with each one.

“Democrats and their liberal allies are coordinating a conspiracy to steal elections through fraud and criminal actions. They clearly are helping illegal aliens vote by the millions. And they are urging them to vote multiple times- all while making the case they can’t get in trouble because no ID is required.”

The reporter concluded with the fact that he has “all the texts and phone numbers if any politician or government agency is actually interested in Democrats coordinating voter fraud and criminal activity.”

Many people hope something will be done and the guilty party found and punished.