Cuomo Suspended Probe

PUBLISHED: 3:43 PM 30 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 3:44 PM 30 Aug 2018

Report: Weinstein’s Law Firm Gave $25k To Gov. Cuomo As He Terminated Investigation

Cuomo received $25,000 from Weinstein's lawyer around the same time New York's district attorney suspended the investigation into the former movie producer.

Cuomo received a donation from Weinstein's law firm around the same time NY's DA suspended the investigation into the former movie producer.

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s campaign received a $25,000 donation from a law firm connected to Harvey Weinstein around the same time that the New York district attorney’s office bizarrely suspended an investigation into the former movie producer’s assault case. Imagine the outrage if conservatives tried a stunt like this.

According to BuzzFeed News, Cuomo urged the New York Attorney General’s office last month to look into the handling of the case regarding allegations that Weinstein groped and sexually assaulted an Italian model. Cuomo reportedly ordered the state’s D.A. to suspend the probe into his case last month around the time his campaign received a donation from a law firm whose lawyer, David Boies, once represented Weinstein.

Here’s what Cuomo said, in part:

It is critical not only that these cases are given the utmost attention but also that there is public confidence in the handling of these cases. Therefore, I have directed the Attorney General to begin a review of the 2015 case in a way that does not interfere with the current investigation and, at the conclusion of the Manhattan District Attorney’s current investigation, to review the entire matter and report to me on its findings.

On Tuesday, it was reported by BuzzFeed News that Cuomo personally ordered the New York Attorney General’s Office to suspend its investigation into allegations that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. mishandled the 2015 probe into claims that Weinstein was sexually abusive toward numerous women.

The report reveals that Boies gave $10,000 to Vance Jr.’s campaign in 2015, just a few months after Vance Jr.’s office declined to prosecute Weinstein over allegations of sexual assault.

Since 2009, BuzzFeed News also reports that Boies and his law firm have given more than $245,000 to Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaigns.

Some reports argue that Cuomo suspending the investigation could allow Boies to bypass a probe into the connection between his 2015 donation to Vance Jr. and Vance Jr. declining to prosecute Weinstein, who Boies was representing at the time.

As noted by Conservative Daily Post, a bevy of allegations against Weinstein came pouring in after a bombshell report from The New York Times in October 2017.

The report revealed more than 30 women had accused the former movie producer of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and, a few women said he raped them.

The allegations dated back decades, where several women revealed a host of allegations against Weinstein, ranging from he raped them to paid “hush money” to women so they wouldn’t speak about what he did to them.

Many women have said he abused his position as a top Hollywood executive to pressure and force them to exchange in sexual activities because he, according to several women, threatened to end or ruin their careers.

So, apparently, many of the actresses agreed to prostitute themselves to protect their careers.

Many would agree that it is highly suspicious that Cuomo received $25,000 from Weinstein’s lawyer around the same time he ordered the New York’s district attorney’s office to suspend the investigation into the former movie producer.