Dem Lied On Taxes?

PUBLISHED: 4:32 PM 8 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 6:29 PM 8 Oct 2018

Report: Warren’s Tax Returns May Have Included Falsely Inflated Deductions

Warren appears to have inflated deductions on her tax returns.

Warren busted for inflating tax returns.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, and her husband have been writing off hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable donations, according to the Boston Herald.

Warren, who has been endlessly railing against President Donald Trump‘s tax cuts, appears to have been busted for making a ‘mistake’ on her own returns.

To many, Warren is a hypocritical liar who should be prosecuted if it can be determined that the couple broke the law and lied on their tax returns.

The Herald, certainly not friendly to conservatives, found that Warren and her husband have reportedly spent years inflating the costs of their charitable deductions by claiming they have donated clothes, books, and other items.

In 2017, Warren and her husband reported an annual income of $913,442. Of that total, they listed $81,858 on their taxes in charitable deductions.

In the five years prior to 2017, her tax returns show that the couple wrote of a total of $190,734 in charitable deductions.

As many are asking, what in the world are they listing as being charitable? How much stuff are they giving away that accounts for almost a quarter of a million dollars?

Warren’s office told the Herald that the couple has been donating clothes for years to groups that assist underprivileged kids. Consider how many clothes it would take to donate a quarter of a million dollars of the course of five years.

The Herald reported that after it contact Warren’s office about possible errors, her office edited the returns on the Senator’s website.

But Warren’s campaign corrected that value downward yesterday after the Herald called about the deduction. A spokeswoman said the couple made a mistake on the 2014 tax returns, saying the actual original value of donated clothing that year was about $8,000. But she insisted that error didn’t affect the amount the couple ended up paying.

“The original values of donated clothing and household items listed on Senator Warren’s 2014 tax return (column g) were entry errors that did not affect the ultimate amount that she owed to the IRS because the deductions taken (column h) were correct,” Warren spokeswoman Kristen Ortman told the Herald. “The accurate original value was closer to the original value of similar clothing and household items in Senator Warren’s 2012 taxes (around $8,000).”

In 2012, the couple wrote off $2,841 for “thrift shop” donations.Warren at times also wrote off thousands of dollars in books and hundreds for other expenses such as in-flight Wi-Fi.

State Rep. Geoff Diehl, the GOP lawmaker challenging Warren in November’s midterm, blasted her for being a total hypocrite.

“For Sen. Warren to figure out ways of not paying taxes when she wants citizen to pay much more in taxes — it rings hypocritical,” Diehl said.

Warren’s critics argue that she, like most Americans, doesn’t want to pay higher taxes on money she has earned.

It would appear that Warren publicly claims to oppose Trump’s tax cuts, which has allowed roughly 90 percent of Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money, but in private, she doesn’t want to pay higher taxes.

Warren, likely eyeing a 2020 presidential run, has been railing against lowering the tax burden on hard-working families, basically claiming that everyone should pay more to fund democrat policy, yet she appears to have been doing everything imaginable to lower her own tax burden.