PUBLISHED: 5:54 PM 17 Feb 2017

Report: Trump’s Wall Is Going To Be Paid For With The 11%

Border stopping illegals

The Wall Will Pay For Itself

While on the campaign trail, then-presidential nominee Donald Trump made sure to discuss immigration, both illegal and legal. One of the many messages he conveyed to the American people was about how he wanted to shore up the borders to protect American people from illegal immigrants.

He spoke at length about the crimes that illegal immigrants are bringing to the country, whether they are a part of the drug cartel or not. To shore up the border and protect Americans from these violent people, Trump uttered perhaps his most famous line of the campaign season. He spoke about building “a wall” to help the border issue.

It has served as one of the rallying cries as Trump made his transition from presidential nominee to the 45th president of the United States. He has already signed an executive order mandating the construction of the wall. Meanwhile, Democrats have complained about the cost of the wall.

They shouldn’t complain much longer, as the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) conducted an analysis and stated that Trump’s wall only needs to stop roughly 10 percent of illegal crossings in order to fully pay for itself.

The Trump train has rolled into Washington!

Trumps Wall Will Pay For Itself In Due Time

The wall, by most accounts, is estimated to cost somewhere between $12 billion and $15 billion. CIS found that the total cost would be offset by the savings to the government should fewer illegal immigrants arrive in the country over the next ten years. Specifically speaking, between nine and 12 percent of potential illegal immigrants trying to cross the border would have to be stopped for the wall to pay itself off.

CIS is a group that has asked for moderating incoming immigration levels. Their analysis was based on financial estimates from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS) for an average estimate of how much illegal immigrants cost taxpayers.

They estimated that one illegal immigrant will cost the state and local governments roughly $75,000 in a lifetime. That number was found by taking into account taxes paid and providing benefits like education and health care. In other words, stopping one illegal immigrant will save about $75,000.

Taking that number, CIS discovered that if Trump’s border wall stops anywhere from 160,000 to 200,000 potential illegal immigrants, that would offset the cost of the wall. That is all that has to be stopped to offset the wall cost, which really isn’t a large amount.

The wall does have some ranging estimates. They go as low as $8 billion to as high as $20 billion. Even on the higher cost of the wall, it only has to stop approximately 267,000 illegal immigrants from entering the country, which isn’t a high jump.

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The Wall Only Has To Stop A Certain Amount To Fully Pay For Itself

However critics of the wall have argued that it won’t be effective in stopping all illegal immigrants, and attempt to use that logic to combat the price tag. They claim that it is a waste of resources. If the wall can save taxpayers that much money per illegal immigrant, then how would it be considered a waste of resources?

It should also be noted that while CIS does say that the wall will pay for itself, the financial burden for illegal immigrants falls on the state and local governments, as the cost of the wall is going to fall on the federal government.

Even so, these cost estimates are on the conservative side. They do not take into account the costs to the government of illegal immigrants children. When NAS estimates those costs, the number jumps to roughly $95,000 per illegal immigrant. Another note that was made is that the wall could save taxpayers almost $64 billion over the next ten years, should half the crossings be stopped. That’s over three times the expected cost of the wall.

Trump was able to order the construction of the wall thanks to a 2006 law that passed with help from Democrats, including then Senators Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. It authorized 700 miles of fencing along the south border, including additional lights, cameras and sensors. Democrats did ensure that it wouldn’t be completed thanks to an amendment to a 2008 spending bill.

Democrats and Bad Ideas go hand in hand

These Three Supported A Wall Construction

Needless to say, that law is still being used to make sure that a wall is constructed, and it will end up saving taxpayers a lot of money.

Democrats are still going to do what they can to halt the construction of the wall, claiming that they don’t want to foot the bill for it. That is why the GOP has come up with a genius idea to make Mexico pay for the wall. They plan to have a bill in place that will use the money taken from drug smugglers to pay for the cost.

Despite that great idea, there are still going to be Democrats opposed to the idea. Take the California governor for example. He issued an official statement saying that the border wall is a threat to humanity and that they are going to treat it like that. Leave it to Democrats to do what they can to slam a good idea.

Share this article with everyone to show that the costs of the border wall will eventually pay for itself. Estimates show that the border wall only needs to stop around 10 percent of potential illegal immigrant crossings to fully pay for itself. The numbers don’t lie.