"Look At That Crowd"

PUBLISHED: 5:09 PM 27 Jun 2018

Report: Trump Cheering Crowd Is Not Republican

This has not been seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.

Mr. Trump (pictured) is building a coalition like Ronald Reagan did.

One of the things that defined the successful presidency of Republican Ronald Reagan was the rise of the “Reagan Democrat.” They were former Mondale liberals and others who respected (if not outright supported) what ol’ Ronnie was doing. In a democrat shock, the same thing is happening today. People understand that President Trump is actually making their lives better, and in Minnesota, the proof has been published today.

The shakeup is being called an “earthquake” of support for the president as 60% of the attendees at a recent rally turned out to be Democrats or Independents. There were 9,000 voters cheering on Mr. Trump and about 18,000 “turned away” from the rally doors, since it was sold out. But of those counted, that nearly two-thirds demographic is enough to cause liberals a stroke.

The crowd at the Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent,” tweeted the data team at MAGA HQ. It was the account of Brad Parscale that posted this truth, the campaign manager for Trump 2020.

President Donald Trump was forced to apologize to those who did not get to attend and said that he loved them, too. At one point he tweeted also, “Look at that crowd.”

Some people will argue that this is Mr. Trump tooting his own horn again, and while he is certainly proud and not shy about it, this success is far deeper than that. The truth is that he is tooting the horn of the American people, not himself.

This is about Americans embracing Trump because he wants to fix the borders, the economy, and preserve the U.S. way of life and culture. (It’s not evil, despite what backward progressives think.)

Democrats are seeing that, while they may not agree with Mr. Trump on everything, the left has no ideas at all. America is sick of the PC preaching, tired of hearing lies about the myth of white privilege, and disgusted with the idea that every country gets a better deal for goods and services than America does.

Independents have loved ones, too, and they don’t want them killed in the street because someone fleeing justice in South America has decided to hide in the U.S.A. Likewise, they are fed up with high taxes, stagnant wages, and the #MeToo pandering that has been spun to make every man out to be a rapist.

There are countless other reasons for this rise in respect for Donald Trump, but suffice the changes in the economy (not really a magic wand, Obama), the push to restore individual freedom, and American strength is resonating. The lies about Trump’s ties to Russia won’t stop this wave.

MSM has been stuck showing the few CEO’s who are rebelling against Trump because the vast majority are onboard with him and the leftist press in America does not wish to admit it.

This all means that 2020 should be a good year for everyone by Democrats.