PUBLISHED: 8:03 PM 14 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 12:00 AM 15 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Report Shows Obama-Clinton State Dept. Deal To Hide “MUSLIM Engagement Documents”

These two hid a lot of things from the American people, against federal law.

These two hid a lot of things from the American people, against federal law.

Hiding the sins of one’s party is nothing strange in politics from either side, but no one goes quite as far as Hillary Clinton and Obama. The Free Beacon reports that Clinton “struck a deal with the State Department while serving in the Obama administration” which made her able to “take ownership of records she did not want made public.” This, just like her refusal to use the proper server, is a sign that she never had any intention of obeying the law when it came to her dealings.

It has come to light that Clinton and then aide Huma Abedin were allowed to move both “electronic and physical records” by making the bogus claim that they were not classified and were “personal.” If the former First Lady was innocent of every other charge levied against her, this one act, now confirmed, is enough to send her to prison.

Judicial Watch has found that “calls and schedules” were hidden from proper oversight and Clinton’s actions made it so that records would never be “released to the general public under FOIA.” Even “Muslim Engagement Documents” were illegally squirreled away by Abedin, as were “electronic records and five boxes of physical files.”

A list of what was hidden (posted below) is nothing short of breathtaking. It shows that her calls were “logged elsewhere” and that a level of chickeny was in play that would make Satan himself blush.

Physical files are said to include “the log of the Secretary’s gifts with pictures of gifts.” Any gifts given to a person in office is closely monitored, something that “Crooked” Hillary could have no part of, it seems. She simply ignored the regulation in total.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton has said, “We already know the Obama State Department let Hillary Clinton steal and then delete her government emails, which included classified information. But these new records show that was only part of the scandal.”

He added, “These new documents show the Obama State Department had a deal with Hillary Clinton to hide her calls logs and schedules, which would be contrary to FOIA and other laws. When are the American people going to get an honest investigation of the Clinton crimes?

Mrs. Clinton has just been busted again, and yet, where is the justice?

That is a question that many people have been begging for an answer for, and so far, none has come.

We keep finding more and more information that proves beyond all doubt that this nefarious woman broke the law in a great number of ways that would have sent anyone else to prison forever.

Still, it will be interesting to watch those who claim that Clinton has done nothing worthy of being locked up for try and wiggle out of this new batch of facts.

Here is a list of some of what Clinton tried to keep hidden:

Electronic copy of “daily files” – which are word versions of public documents and non-records: speeches/press statements/photos from the website, a non-record copy of the schedule, a non record copy of the call log, press clips, and agenda of daily activities

Electronic copy of a log of calls the Secretary made since 2004, it is a non-record, since her official calls are logged elsewhere (official schedule and official call log)

Electronic copy of the Secretary’s “call grid” which is a running list of calls she wants to make (both personal and official)

16 boxes: Personal Schedules (1993 thru 2008-prior to the Secretary’s tenure at the Department of State.

29 boxes: Miscellaneous Public Schedules during her tenure as FLOTUS and Senator-prior to the Secretary’s tenure at the Department of State

1 box: Personal Reimbursable receipts (6/25/2009 thru 1/14/2013)

1 box: Personal Photos

1 box: Personal schedule (2009-2013)

Source: The Free Beacon – Judicial Watch