DACA Crime

PUBLISHED: 4:17 PM 19 Jun 2018

Report Reveals DACA Criminal Statistics Hidden Under Obama

Over 50,000 DACA illegals have criminal records.

Over 50,000 illegal immigrants were approved under DACA despite having criminal records.

Democrats continue to prove that they care more about immigrants and refugees than they do of their own people. This is made especially clear in the continuing fight for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA recipients, despite them not being U.S. citizens.

While this is relevant regarding immigration reform, illegal alien advocates fail to acknowledge the detrimental effect that such individuals have on American safety. A recent report from the Department of Homeland Security released horrifying statistics that show that over 50,000 DACA recipients with American privileges have criminal records, some for violent offenses. Unsurprisingly, former president Barack Obama kept this information hidden as he supported illegal immigration.

In June 2012, under Obama’s presidency, the Department of Homeland Security revealed that children brought into the United States illegally within a specified time frame would be allowed to remain in the country. Child immigrants brought into the U.S. before the age of 16 who “were under 31 as of June 15, 2012,” could apply for civil liberties such as “work permits and Social Security numbers.”

A requirement under DACA is that one cannot have a criminal history in the form of a felony, ‘significant misdemeanor,’ or “three or more other [unrelated] misdemeanor offenses.”

This would appear to be a reasonable requirement considering that DACA applicants and recipients are in the country illegally already.

Yet a recently released DHS report revealed that at the time, 59,786 DACA recipients had criminal records, ranging from minor driving infractions to murder.

Of these criminals, a reported 17,079 “have been arrested more than two times.”

Of course, this was of no concern to Obama and his administration that worked to hide the data and grant DACA approval statuses for tens of thousands of criminals despite lacking clear requirements.

Obama deputies also withheld information regarding immigrants’ “educations credentials, eligibility, and work histories.”

While lying is characteristic of Obama, the numbers that he hid are undeniably staggering.

The data released revealed that the main crimes illegals were found guilty of included traffic tickets, ‘immigration-related’ offenses, theft, and drug charges.

The most frequently commit crimes, which were ‘driving-related,’ were pardoned often with 38 percent of DACA requesters being approved. Twenty-two percent were approved with immigration offenses on their records, and twelve and eight percent of theft and drug charges, respectively, were approved as well.

Democrats may argue that these are minor offenses which should be pardoned considering that American citizens often fall into such crimes as well.

However, it should be noted that thousands of DACA approvals were for individuals found guilty of more series crimes such as assault, intoxicated driving, trespassing, and disorderly conduct.

Hundreds of others had been previously found guilty of fraud; sexual assault, including of children; and owning illegal weapons.

No offenders of these violent crimes should have been allowed to remain in the country, yet Obama permitted it, along with 10 immigrants convicted of murder, two found in possession of child pornography, 22 involved in animal cruelty, and nearly 100 immigrants with kidnapping or trafficking charges on their records.

A politician with any regard for American safety would never have permitted individuals convicted of such crimes to continue to endanger innocent citizens.

Yet Obama proved once again that he lacks basic patriotism as he sent the message that such criminal behavior is permitted in the county.

Unsurprisingly, 7,814 of the approved DACA criminals committed offenses “after getting their DACA status,” knowing that the current president would protect their immigration status.

Disturbingly, RINOs in Washington are making it easier for illegal immigrants to remain in the country and commit crimes.

Currently, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Virginia Representative Bob Goodlatte are pushing an amnesty deal which would award 1.8 million DACA recipients green cards.

Such will be said to be done on a ‘merit-based’ system which is sure to be an ineffective screening process considering the number of child-immigrant criminals currently in the country.

However, democrats’ opinions regarding illegal immigrants involved in criminal activity are the most disturbing.

House Representative Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi led such a discussion in February when she called dreamers ‘a blessing’ to the country.

“They are the best of the best,” she outrageously continued, as if DACA recipients are model citizens, despite statistics proving otherwise.

“Am I not lucky to be able to become so familiar with so many of these beautiful dreamers?” Pelosi asked after claiming that illegal immigrants are full of patriotism, humility, and community spirit.

She naturally neglected their negative impact.

Of course, most have a desire to help others; yet if done recklessly, can affect innocent citizens as pertaining to immigration.

Those fighting for illegals’ rights continue to reference the horrifying act of separating families in the country unlawfully while ignoring the countless American victims who have been on the receiving end of their violent crimes.

This just shows that President Trump’s fight for immigration reform is needed more than ever as illegals continue to harm law-abiding Americas.