Trump, Mattis Targeted

PUBLISHED: 3:29 PM 3 Oct 2018

Report: Officials Intercept Envelope With Ricin Addressed To Trump, Mattis

This week, a suspicious envelope was sent to Trump, a white powder was mailed to Cruz's office, and the Pentagon confirmed Ricin was sent via a package.

Secret Service intercepts suspicious package addressed to Trump.

The Secret Service intercepted an envelope on Tuesday night suspected of containing Ricin that was addressed to President Donald Trump. According to Breitbart, the Secret Service confirmed that it had prevented the package from ever reaching the White House. Sadly, Trump was not the only one to receive a mysterious package this week.

On Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, reported that his campaign office in Houston received a white powdery substance via the mail. On Monday, someone mailed a package to the Pentagon, addressed to Mattis, that officials said contained Ricin, a fatal poison.

These three chilling incidents appear to be politically motivated, and show how far the #Resistance is going to target Republicans and the Trump administration. This is apparently what the liberal masters want to see happen in the country after encouraging their unhinged base to acts of violence, which includes possibly killing a president and members of his cabinet.

The Secret Service released a statement on Tuesday confirming the envelope was addressed to Trump and that it had been intercepted.

“The Secret Service can confirm receipt of a suspicious envelope addressed to the President on Oct. 1, 2018. The envelope was not received at the White House, nor did it ever enter the White House. As a matter of practice, the Secret Service does not comment regarding matters of Protective Intelligence. However, in this instance, we can confirm that we are working jointly with our law enforcement partners to fully investigate this matter.”

News of the letter being mail to the White House came hours after a hazardous materials response team was dispatched to Cruz’s campaign headquarters in Houston.

At least two people were hospitalized after allegedly being exposed to the suspicious white powder found in an envelope. It’s unclear if the two people worked for Cruz’s team or were in the building that his office is located.

Cruz’s spokesperson, Catherine Frazier, released a statement on Tuesday about the envelope and powder.

“Today, a staff member in our Houston office opened a letter that contained a white substance. The office followed standard protocol, immediately notifying local authorities. The FBI, their HazMat team, and City of Houston Fire Department came to the scene and tested the substance. It was found to be non-toxic, and has been taken away by the FBI for further testing.”

It’s unclear if anyone was seriously injured, but the powder could have been Ricin or another harmful poison. It would appear this an attempt to scare Cruz’s team, and, at worst, make them fear being exposed to a potentially fatal substance.

On Monday night, officials confirmed that someone had mailed a letter sent to the Pentagon that tested positive for Ricin. Mail sent to the Pentagon goes to a separate building on the other side of the Pentagon’s grounds, so it never reached the actual building where the nation’s top military officials work.

Here’s a statement from the Pentagon:

“On Monday, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency detected a suspicious substance during mail screening at the Pentagon’s remote screening facility. The envelopes were taken by the FBI this morning for further analysis. All USPS mail received at the Pentagon mail screening facility yesterday is currently under quarantine and poses no threat to Pentagon personnel.”

Two officials reported that the letter was addressed to Defense Secretary James Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson. It also contained Ricin, a toxic bean that if extracted properly, can be fatal.

Ricin can be used as a weapon to poison and severely harm people, making it crystal clear that someone was attempting to harm — or potentially kill — Mattis, Richardson, and possibly others at the Pentagon.

It’s unclear if there’s any connection between all three packages, but it is highly suspicious that they were all sent within days of each other to a GOP lawmaker, Trump, and two top officials in the president’s administration.

As many would agree, it is downright chilling that anyone would send carry out this operation, which was obviously politically motivated. Someone sent a fatal toxin to the Pentagon, and others sent mysterious packages to Cruz and Trump with the goal of spreading fear.

This is how far abhorrent leftists are going to oppose the president, GOP, and members of the president’s administration.