Dem Defended Loophole

PUBLISHED: 5:25 PM 13 Sep 2018

Report: Dem Candidate Supported Loophole Protecting Men Caught With Child Victims

Sinema previously fought to protect loopholes for men caught with child victims, arguing that some 12-year-old children look like adults.

Democrat lawmaker previously defended men being involved with young children.

Democratic Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who is currently running for Jeff Flake’s GOP seat in the Senate, previously fought to preserve a controversial loophole in the state that benefited adult men who were caught having sexual encounters with child victims. According to The Daily Caller, Sinema supported the loophole, arguing at the time that some 12-year-old children can look like adults.

While serving in the state legislature, Sinema — who is running for the Senate against Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz. — argued in 2007 against eradicating a loophole that allowed men caught with child prostitutes to use the young victim’s appearance as part of their legal defense.

In a video clip of the hearing, Sinema argued that it was “not fair” to eliminate the loophole, and bizarrely defended the measure that gave more legal protections to adult men who exploited underage children for sexual acts.

“As a former social worker at an elementary school, there were children at my school, 12, 13-year-old, and some of these children look older than me. They were much more, I mean, definitely sophisticated, developed,” Sinema claimed in the hearing from 2007.

“If I had seen a number of my former students at a place outside a classroom, I would not have known that those children were 12 instead of 19 or 20,” she argued. Many people wonder who that would may such child rape right.

Defend Arizona, a conservative political action committee, has played a big role in slamming Sinema for supporting a loophole that protected child rapists. The PAC released a new ad, which features Sinema making the controversial comments in 2007.

Local outlet KTVK fact-checked the ad, and determined in a segment (below) that it was completely accurate and that Sinema did defend the loophole.

Sinema did vote in favor of the proposed legislation, but only after legislatures removed the language she objected to in the measure.

Sinema is currently in a tight battle with McSally, and they will officially face-off in November’s general election. The midterm elections are especially vital this year, especially given democrats have made it clear they will likely try to impeach President Donald Trump if they re-take the House of Representatives.

In order to remove a president from office, both the House and Senate have to vote in favor of removing the president, after voting for impeachment. If Sinema wins the Arizona seat, control for the Senate will be locked 50-50, assuming neither party picks up or loses any other seats.

This race is a very big deal, which is why Democrats are apparently more worried about gaining control of Congress than the fact that Sinema defended a loophole that protected child rapists.

It should be a no-brainer, many would agree, for the Democratic Party to, at worst, demand she issue an apology, but they haven’t. There has hardly been any media pressure on a woman who defended a measure that helped men assault children.

Imagine if a Republican candidate defended this horrific loophole — think the media would let it go? This woman has the full support of the Democratic Party, and that is very telling.

Watch the investigative clip from KTVK below: