Deleted Obama's Name

PUBLISHED: 5:38 PM 20 Aug 2018

Report: Comey Deleted Obama’s Name From Hillary Clinton’s Hacked Emails

Comey reportedly removed Obama's name from report detailing Hillary Clinton's hacked emails.

Comey busted lying about Clinton email investigation.

Fired FBI Director James Comey deleted former President Barack Obama‘s name from a government report detailing Hillary Clinton‘s hacked emails and how foreign adversaries likely gained access to her private server, according to Big League Politics. The admission was buried deep in the June report from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who concluded that Obama’s name was changed in the report on Clinton’s mishandling of classified information to “another senior government official.”

Some are predicting that the explosive revelation could be the final nail in the coffin for Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation, as he is reportedly using President Donald Trump‘s decision to fire Comey in May 2017 as the basis for claims that the president obstructed justice.

Removing Obama’s name from Clinton’s email report, which detailed incriminating evidence against Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, raises serious questions about Comey’s credibility and whether he could be used at all by the special counsel in the Russia investigation.

On page iv of the final IG report, here’s what it states about Comey’s duplicity:

“A statement that the FBI assessed that it was ‘reasonably likely’ that hostile actors gained access to Clinton’s private email server was changed to ‘possible.’”

“A paragraph summarizing the factors that led the FBI to assess that it was possible that hostile actors accessed Clinton’s server was added, and at one point referenced Clinton’s use of her private email for an exchange with then President Obama while in the territory of a foreign adversary. This reference later was changed to ‘another senior government official,’ and ultimately was omitted.”

Thus, it could be reasonably argued that Comey deleted or removed Obama’s name to water down the severity of Clinton’s emails being breached by hostile foreign actors.

The IG report and the FBI have admitted Clinton mishandled classified information and that foreign actors likely gained access to her server. Many believe Comey — who perhaps attempted to save face by admitting Clinton displayed bad judgement but didn’t act criminally — removed Obama’s name to save himself, because admitting Clinton mishandled classified materials involving the president of the United States is very serious.

And allowing her to skirt charges would have been an even bigger deal than the numerous crimes she has been accused of committing. In fact, some have pointed out that a criminal doesn’t have to show intent for the sort of violation Clinton allegedly committed, so letting her off stinks of a fix.

On top of all of that, it has also been reported extensively that Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton. Are there other emails that foreign actors accessed that were from Obama?

Why did the president use a fake name in his emails to Clinton, who served as the secretary of state between 2009 to 2013?

Comey reportedly deleting Obama’s name from vital records comes as he is also under heavy fire for leaking classified memos to the media detailing his private conversations with Trump.

He is also in hot water for not charging Clinton with any crimes despite admitting that she broke the law numerous times by having classified information on her private email server, which was hidden in the basement of her home.

Many would agree this has gone on long enough, and that if Mueller is relying on Comey as his next star witness to go after Trump, that is going to shine a huge light on the Obama-Clinton cabal and many of the actions they took that some argue were illegal.