ISIS Rapper Dead

PUBLISHED: 4:16 PM 24 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 4:30 PM 24 Jan 2018

Report Claims ISIS Fighter Married To Undercover FBI Translator Killed In Syrian Strike

He became a jihadi in 2010 and has made several appearances in ISIS propaganda videos

ISIS Support continues to grow, but this rapper's days of holding severed heads are over.

ISIS has managed to attract many strange people from Europe, people who decided that they would like to risk their lives in order to further the goals of the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq, and the Levant in general.  However, no story is as strange as that of German rapper Deso Dogg, who is now confirmed to have died in an air strike.

Deso Dogg, who was also known as Denis Cuspert and Abu al-Almani, seems to have spent his time with ISIS learning lessons in brutality.  Video and still images of Cuspert show him beating a man with a sandal (a common insult in the Islamic world, where the foot is believed to be the most unclean part of the body, and where showing the sole of the shoe is taken as a grave insult), as well as holding a freshly-severed head in his hands.

Deso Dogg was born in Germany as Denis Cuspert, born to a German mother and a Ghanaian father, and was raised primarily in Berlin.  His rap career progressed to the point where he was able to tour with famed American rapper DMX, but a few years later he abandoned his hopes of being a professional rapper, deciding in 2010 that he would rather make a career as an Islamo-fascist soldier with ISIS.

ISIS loved Denis Cuspert and utilized him heavily in the various propaganda films, especially those that were targeted toward recruiting more members from Germany.  He was also used to actively recruit individuals from Germany, as well as for pressing for lone-wolf attacks from angry Islamists in Germany.

Cuspert was also married to FBI translator Daniela Green, who traveled to Syria to marry him in 2014 when she was 38 years old (old enough to know better, in other words).  However, she had second thoughts about their marriage, and fled the country, returning to the United States and was sentenced to two years in prison for her poorly-made decision.

The news of Cuspert’s death comes from SITE Intelligence, a company that combs through jihadi activity online to search for information that may be important.  According to SITE Intelligence, Cuspert’s death has been broadcast on the ISIS media outlet Wafa, which ISIS usually utilized as a propaganda outlet. It had been previously believed that Cuspert had been killed in a strike, but the reports were unconfirmed by the German government, and evidence suggested Cuspert was still alive and active in ISIS.

In 2015, the United States State Department, as well as the United States Department of Defense and leading officers in the Pentagon,  decided to label Cuspert as a terrorist. Since then, he has been on their radars, and his death is cause for celebration among those who oppose ISIS, its mission, and its strange ability to appeal to people who live in first world nations like Germany.

Cuspert never knew his father, who was deported back to Ghana before he was born.  He was raised by the man his mother remarried, an officer in the United States Army who was deployed to Germany at the time.  It has been speculated that Cuspert was motivated, at least in some part, by his hatred for his stepfather (and the United States Army that he represented) to join ISIS.

Cuspert also had a violent and criminal past, including incidents that led him to spend time in a juvenile detention center in Germany. German police had multiple chances to stop Cuspert from ever continuing his life of crime but seemed to be bent on treating him with ‘kindness’.  Shortly after his 2010 conversion to Islam, Cuspert was arrested on suspicion of possession of illegal firearms.  When the German police raided his apartment, they found numerous expended shells, but no firearms.  Rather than pursuing the case, they let him out of jail with a warning and 1800 Euro worth of fines.

Though Cuspert seemed to have enjoyed his time-fighting in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria, and seemed to be proud of butchering the unarmed as if he was a brave man, his time on this Earth has come to an end.  The world is better for his death, and the Islamic world is better for not having to deal with a violent man who wrapped himself in a religion to excuse his bloodlust.