Lied Under Oath?

PUBLISHED: 4:32 PM 28 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 5:26 PM 28 Sep 2018

Report: City Permits Show Project Ford Claimed Was In 2008, Not 2012

City permit records appear to show Ford lied about "connection" to Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh passes cloture vote 51-49.

Christine Blasey Ford testified on Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee that her “memories” of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh “first came up” in 2012. According to The Gateway Pundit and New York Post columnist Paul Sperry, it looks Ford may have lied about the exact date these “memories” resurfaced. If true, that would mean Ford committed perjury, which is a felony.

On Thursday, both Ford and Kavanaugh testified before the Committee. Ford alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her around 1982 at a high school party. Kavanaugh not only denies the allegations, several of the witnesses who supposedly attended the gathering have submitted sworn statements to Congress that they never witnessed what Ford has alleged.

But one of the most notable exchanges came when Committee Ranking Democrat Diane Feinstein asked Ford about when she first told anyone about the allegations against Kavanaugh.

Ford provided a written statement and testified — both serve as sworn testimony, and carry a penalty of a felony — that her memories of Kavanaugh “first came up” when she began going to counseling in 2012.

In May 2012, Ford alleges that she and her husband began arguing because she wanted to add a second front door to their home.

She testified on Thursday that she wanted to add the second front door because what she alleges Kavanaugh did to her made her feel “claustrophobic.”

Soon after her testimony, Sperry sent out several tweets arguing that the Palo Alto building permits were issued to Ford in 2008, not 2012.

In the area, homeowners are required to have a city permit to make changes to their homes that aren’t within codes and guidelines. So, in order to get her second font door, Ford needed a permit from the city.

Sperry tweeted that Palo Alto building permit records  “raise questions” about Ford’s testimony and her claim that her home underwent an “extensive remodel” in 2012.

Below are Sperry’s tweets:

If Sperry’s assertions are true, it would appear that Ford lied in her written statement and testimony to the Committee. Lying to Congress is a felony, and could result in Ford spending time in jail if it is determined she lied.

This explosive admissions matters because it would speak to her overall credibility. Aside from many of her flimsy allegations, having no witnesses, and the fact that she admits she isn’t even certain about many things regarding the assault, the date of her claim is equally as important.

Many would argue she appears to have lied about when she officially told others about the allegations against Kavanaugh. But it is just one of many unverified, unsubstantiated claims.

What else could Ford have lied about?

Watch Ford’s comments to Feinstein below: