Congress Votes Rigged

PUBLISHED: 2:52 PM 5 Apr 2018

Rep Reveals Secret Of Congress, Votes Are Rigged

He states they will not vote unless they already know the outcome.

Naturally, many believe that this statement from Senator Paul will probably infuriate a lot of Americans who more often than not ask themselves what the elected officials are doing in Washington, D.C.

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had a very interesting moment on Fox & Friends where he brutally criticized the United States of America’s government.  In addition to claiming that he is fed up with corruption, he said that Congress will only call out votes if they are fully aware of the outcome in advance. Basically, he suggested that congressional votes are rigged.

According to Senator Paul, the Congress of the United States had four pre-planned votes where they knew the outcome and they knew all four would lose. Also, he pointed out that these kinds of situations represent the saddest detail about the government. Senator Paul explained that they won’t vote on anything that they don’t count votes in advance and know it will be defeated. Given this situation, he said that they knew from the very beginning that absolutely nothing would happen. Apparently, they “devised the votes” and would only allow those that will actually fail.

Many believe that this suggestion from Senator Paul will probably infuriate a lot of Americans who more often than not ask themselves what the elected officials are doing when little to nothing is being accomplished in Washington, D.C.

According to the senator, there isn’t an open debate and that particular detail represented the disappointing element from both parties.

After all, even though President Donald Trump got elected and the Republican Party has total control of both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, there has been incredible inefficiency in pushing the agenda of the Trump administration.

Of course, the biggest fear regarding this issue is that this favorable political moment for President Trump and the Republican Party becomes nothing more than a lost opportunity if the democrats achieve a major victory in November.

Many believe this could be true, considering that the so-called RINOs from within Congress are well known for cooperating more with the Democratic Party than they do with President Trump.

Naturally, there’s a lot of conservatives who are sick and tired of what is taking place. The lack-of-successes from Congress is both alarming and unacceptable.

As everyone knows, millions of Americans wake up almost every single day of the year to work and ensure that their bills are paid, while Congress has only passed a handful of bills in the last year and a half.

As a matter of fact, less of those bills are actually crucial measures that somehow benefit the American populace as a whole.

In addition to what he said about the Congressional votes, Senator Paul also got some words in about the “catch and release” policies of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The senator said that the 1100 people that are marching up through Mexico should definitely be stopped at the border and be sent back.

Additionally, he pointed out that the United States shouldn’t allow people to come in and break the laws. Also, he said that he’s all for legal immigration since he believes immigrants are good people.

According to some political analysts, the fact that Senator Paul decided to make these controversial comments about the Congressional votes is not a surprise, given the fact that he’s known for always speaking his mind against the corruption of Congress.

In addition, he’s quite famous for pointing out the ignorant violations of the American Constitution that put American citizens in jeopardy.

With the likes of Representative Paul Ryan as the House Speaker and Senator Mitch McConnell running the Senate as Majority Leader, the United States has watched not only how the controversial omnibus bill passed but also how President Trump’s agenda has been completely ignored.

Given this situation, many conservatives and Trump supporters have expressed their outrage, which could translate into a major move in the November elections.

Basically, the political moment among conservatives seem to be the wish to vote out the swamp in Washington and put in office anyone who would stand by President Trump’s agenda and by the Constitutional rule of law.

The American people need decent figures who fight for freedoms and liberties more than ever. What they don’t need are those who willingly sign trillions of wasteful dollars to the likes of Planned Parenthood.

Especially when President Trump’s border wall plan hasn’t been funded.