Fauci Patents Linked To COVID

PUBLISHED: 3:22 PM 12 Aug 2021

Reminder: Fauci Holds Patents for HIV Component Used To Create COVID

Anthony Fauci is very, very evil.

Evil. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Anthony Fauci holds patents on the HIV Components used to make COVID-19 infect humans.

Organic Lifestyle Magazine wrote:

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name appears on four U.S patents for a key glycoprotein that seems to have been inserted into the SARS virus to create COVID-19.

Justia.com, a legal portal, lists patents by inventor Anthony Fauci involving a glycoprotein in HIV-1.

This same glycoprotein, identified as Glycoprotein 120, or simply as GP120, has also been found to be a key component of the current COVID-19, a disease that appears to combine a HIV-1 attack on the human immune system, with SARS CoV-1, the pathogen from the original SARS

Medical scientists in India reported four intersections in the spike glycoprotein that are unique to COVID-19 and not present in other coronaviruses. The article was taken down after it was suggested that Covid-19 was created in a lab by inserting the glycoprotein from HIV-1 into a sars virus.

In recent weeks media platforms have stopped banning content that suggests COVID-19 was made in a lab after president Biden called a search into the origins of the virus.