Sanctuary Killer Released

PUBLISHED: 7:06 PM 15 Nov 2018

Released Illegal Alien Slaughters Three As Sanctuary City Blames ICE

Luis Rodrigo Perez was a violent criminal with warrants for various crimes when he was released from jail in sanctuary New Jersey, and then he traveled to Missouri to kill three people.

New Jersey sanctuary protected an illegal alien from ICE, released him, and then he killed three people.

Luis Rodrigo Perez, an illegal alien who was arrested in Middlesex County, New Jersey in December 2017 on charges of domestic assault and battery was released by authorities under a sanctuary policy, despite the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement requested a detainer.

Perez then hightailed it to Missouri, where he murdered three people over a two-day time span.

“Had ICE’s detainer request in December 2017 been honored by Middlesex County Jail, Luis Rodrigo Perez would have been placed in deportation proceedings and likely sent home to his country — and three innocent people might be alive today,” said Corey Price, acting ICE executive associate director.

However, liberal officials claim that’s not true.

Officials responded saying they only cooperate with ICE in some instances, such as someone convicted of a “first or second degree offense.”

And, they say Perez’ case didn’t reach that level of danger.

They also claim that ICE had over 50 days to try to get Perez in custody, “instead ICE officials chose to do nothing, which places all responsibility of Mr. Perez’s actions squarely upon ICE,” said county government officials in a statement.

However, these accusations just don’t seem logical to most people.

According to, Perez “had active warrants” in the state, but authorities let him go anyway. Many people are asking why didn’t Middlesex County authorities release him to other New Jersey police agencies that had issued warrants against him?

John Tsoukaris, the ICE deportation operations field director in Newark, N.J., called the county’s policy “reckless.” He explained Perez had a violent history and was the perfect example of an illegal criminal who should have been turned over.

The fact that democrats and leftists claim that these illegal aliens are only here to work and live decent lives is belied by the overwhelming numbers of violent killers who are in the country illegally.

Many people think that the officials in New Jersey are criminally responsible for allowing this man to be released, and that the families of the victims should be able to make them pay.

Perhaps if enough people band together to hurt democrats where it matters—their pocketbooks and at the polls—this sort of behavior will be stopped.

Otherwise, God forbid, there will be more victims of illegal alien violence and crime.