Libs Attack Eric Trump

PUBLISHED: 9:29 PM 9 Jul 2018

Relative Of Child Cancer Survivor Condemned For Thanking Eric Trump’s St. Jude Contributions

He has helped raise $16.3 million for the charity.

Just when liberal intolerance appeared to reach a record-breaking level of hatred, social media users began condemning a family for appreciating Eric's Trump's donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Regardless of the positive impact President Donald Trump has had on the United States, hateful liberals continue to condemn his actions. Like father like sonEric Trump, is also receiving leftist ill will, along with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and a family who expressed their gratitude for his generous donations which have totaled $16.3 million over the past decade.

The ridiculous outburst occurred after a woman whose nephew beat cancer thanks to treatment at St. Jude thanked the organization and Eric Trump for his continued support. Yet the unnecessary liberal criticism can only be described as ‘unreal,’ as reasonable Americans wonder what is wrong with the extreme left, as even former democrats are leaving the party.

On June 27, radio host Sherrie Hopper from Memphis, Tennessee posted the following words of appreciation on behalf of her Twitter account, @The19StrongShow saying, “@EricTrump Thank you for your commitment to St. Jude. This St. Jude family is eternally grateful.”

While St. Jude has been a godsend for families with sick children, Hopper has personal ties to the organization, as her nephew, Zachary, began undergoing cancer treatment at St. Jude beginning at four years old.

However, young Zachary still receives continuing treatment from St. Jude in “deal[ing] with the aftereffects of” his battle with cancer. For this, Hopper has expressed her gratitude for the organization in saying, “So I vow to say thank you to anybody who helps make that hospital run.”

Eric Trump has been one of such individuals who has donated and also participated in fundraising efforts.

The following day, on June 28, Eric Trump re-tweeted Hopper’s thanks and called the research hospital “the best cause in the world.”

Liberal social media users downplayed Trump’s generosity, accusing the Trump family of scandals more appropriately directed at the Clintons or Obamas.

Others expressed doubt surrounding Hopper’s claim that she indeed has a relative who fought cancer, while some outlandishly suggested that Hopper is a ‘Russian bot.’

However, Hopper has repeatedly posted footage regarding her nephew’s illness and recovery.

“The hate that has come out is unreal. Unreal,” Hopper continued.

There is no other way to describe the treatment that the family is experiencing, and Hopper used this to expose the inexcusable behavior on the left.

She later used her experience and turned her message into a short video for the #WalkAway movement that many former democrats are embracing as they leave their previously pledged party.

In it, Hopper expressed being appalled at the way in which President Trump, his family, supporters, and politics are being constantly criticized.

Even more disgusting, the recent intolerance shows that extreme liberals cannot put their political differences with the commander in chief aside even when it involves supporting an organization with the noble cause of helping sick children.

She continued to say, “Now you’re gonna attack a charity? You’re gonna attack a St. Jude family, someone who went through hell for four years?”

Hopper rightfully concluded her video saying of liberals, “…they just have no boundaries. They don’t care. They have no conscience.”

However, the most concerning point was that it was a ‘thank you’ tweet which apparently instigated such an undeserving level of negativity.

Thankfully, more loving Twitter users have since reached out to Hopper and her family, sending thoughts and prayers for Zachary and also addressing the horror that is liberals not coming together in support for a family battling cancer and an organization with the goal of searching for cures.

Such is especially hypocritical of offending liberals who so often advocate for raising and distributing funds with abandon. However, under their logic, such charity is only appropriate for welfare recipients and illegal immigrants, not children with cancer.

Yet one Twitter user, @lorelee716, rightfully pointed out that those criticizing St. Jude for being affiliated to the Trump administration have no grounds in doing so, saying that “this money [Trump] raised might save one of your family members” one day.

While more moderate democrats may finally be coming to their senses, recent hatred is only too consistent with those on the left in power.

Surely by no coincidence, the backlash that Hopper’s family received came just days after the recent leader of such hatred, Democratic California Representative Maxine Waters, called upon fellow liberals to harass the Trump administration and all of President Trump’s supporters.

Not long after, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders became one of the first victims of this when she was asked to leave the ‘filthy’ Red Hen restaurant in Virginia in a series of liberally instigated intolerant acts since.

While the left continues that it is President Trump and his supporters who are the Americans wrongfully dividing the country, the recent attack on Eric Trump devastatingly illustrates that it is liberals who can be held responsible for instigating and continuing to fuel such hatred.