What Is In A Name? Germany Is Finding Out

PUBLISHED: 1:10 AM 26 Jan 2018

Refugee Wave In Germany Has Unexpected Culture Effect On Baby Names

Angela Merkel’s open door policies have stunning effects on Germany’s culture.

The refugee wave is seriously effecting cultures of host countries.

There is clearly a shift happening in the West and many people observing it are not so sure that it is for the best. After 9/11, one of the most baffling turns in history happened and it is hard to explain why. It was Muslims who brought down the World Trade Center (some suggest with a lot of help) and shortly afterward, people began converting to Islam in droves. While most Muslims were against the action, the fact that the religion saw such an uptick in numbers still confounds many people who have witnessed it.

Things are not looking much better in Germany, either. The “name Mohammed and its many spelling variations are on course to become one of the most popular names in Germany going from 97th to 26th” in terms of frequency, Breitbart News confirms. This wave of those named after the alleged prophet has all happened in less than ten years.

The reason why so many people find this unsettling is because no culture can sustain radical, forced change overnight. Thanks to the leadership of E.U. head Angela Merkel, that is what we are seeing, however.

The Gesellschaft für Deutsche Sprache (Society for German Language, GfdS) is said to be one of “the most important language society in Germany” and their research has shown that the name Mohammed is quickly becoming one of the most popular names in the country.

News outlet Die Welt feels that the name is going to get even more popular, as well. It is hard to gauge just how common “Mohammed” is becoming since it can be spelled “Mohammed, Mohamad, Mohamed, Mehmet,” and many other ways. Since alternate spellings make the actual total seem less than it really is, soon the name of Islam’s founder may be as common as “Angela.”

Variants of the spelling have “soared in popularity from 5th overall to 3rd among baby boys born in Vienna,” according to the newspaper Kronen Zeitung. 

When different spellings are noted, it appears that there are even more people with the name than most stats convey.

Also, since these numbers are from last year and many of those who have entered the E.U. recently and who are giving birth since these statistics came out are not yet factored in, we can imagine that thousands more are getting the name.

The problem isn’t that anyone needs to be “Islamaphobic” or any of the other titles that leftists love to bestow upon people. Rather, concerns are arising because there are so many people from cultures that are opposed to the way of life that the West has always built that conflicts are sure to blossom.

When it does, the world will have only Merkel to blame.

Sources: Breitbart NewsThe Conservative Daily Post – Die Welt