5 Times A Day

PUBLISHED: 3:52 PM 27 Sep 2019

Red Flag Working For Left: Five Times A Day, Florida Confiscates Citizens Firearms

Citizens in Florida no longer have the right to keep and bear arms… even if they are law-abiding, because all anyone has to do is make an ‘anonymous’ call and have their guns confiscated.

In Palm Beach County, just call the police and they'll take away your enemy's right to have a firearm... they're doing it five times a day. (Source: YouTube Screenshot: WPTV News)

Liberals are celebrating. Why? Because they are using fear to silently disarm the population.

In Florida, the recently passed ‘red flag’ laws allow anyone to make a claim of ‘danger’ against another. Meaning: if you want someone disarmed so that you can attack, all you have to do is call the police and make an anonymous complaint, and law enforcement will come and take that person’s firearms away, making them a perfect victim.

And, in Florida, law enforcement is disarming five citizens every day.

That’s right.

Big League Politics reported:

PoliticsElections reports that the state attorney for Palm Beach County Florida Dave Aronberg appeared on MSNBC celebrating Florida’s frequent use of red flag laws.

Aronberg stated, “Law enforcement officials are using Florida’s so-called “red flag” law to remove guns from people five times a day.”

The other MSNBC hosts appeared to be happy to see how these laws are being implemented on a frequent basis. For them, this serves as a template at the national level.

However, there was no mention of a Maryland man who was killed while being served a red flag gun confiscation order nor a case of a Florida man who had his gun rights temporarily stripped because his name was mixed and matched with another individual who was being served a restraining order.

Bottom of Form

These numbers should raise some concern among Second Amendment advocates. Lawmakers initially stated that these orders would not be used frequently, but Politifact rates Aromberg’s claim as 100% true.

Republicans like Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw have expressed their support for red flag laws, while House members like Jim Jordan and Thomas Massie have stood firmly against red flag orders.

Florida’s chapter of Campaign for Liberty posted the Politifact numbers on their Facebook page on September 23 as a means of showing their members that the law is being used more than they think.

Such practice is disgusting and unconstitutional many people argue. Where is just cause? Where is the rule of law? Where is the right to confront your accuser? None of that matters in liberal fear mongering against gun rights.