Wait... again?

PUBLISHED: 5:12 PM 9 Mar 2020

Recount: Dallas Co. Elections Finds 44 Precincts “Not Included” In Primary Count

Biden's Texas win looks sketchy to say the least.

Biden was called the winner after Dallas county was supposedly finished reporting. (Source: winorjb YouTube Screenshot)

Many people were stunned with Joe Biden somehow won the democrat primary election in Texas on Super Tuesday.

In fact, the moment the Dallas County results were submitted, the media began calling the state for Biden and spread the ‘exciting’ narrative. In fact, there are numerous media clips pointing to Dallas County as the tipping point for Biden in the Texas race.

However, there’s a problem. The Dallas County Elections Administrator has “found” 44 precincts that were not included in the count, and is calling for a recount.

This isn’t some third-world, cartel controlled election… this is the United States, and these are U.S. Election officials.

WFAA reported:

Dallas County Elections Administrator Toni Pippins-Poole discovered her office did not count about 10% of the ballots that voters cast on Super Tuesday.

She is now asking a court to let her conduct a manual recount of the votes, after she discovered 44 thumb drives containing ballots that were not included in the final results.

[…] “Of the 44 thumb drives, 16 were not received in a timely manner to the Elections Department and 28 were from voting machines not scheduled to be used but were used by volunteer election officials,” Pippins-Poole said in a statement Saturday evening addressing the blunder.

“We need to investigate this entirely, immediately. The time has absolutely come for Toni Pippins-Poole to step down as elections administrator,” Dallas County Commissioner J.J. Koch told WFAA. “I deeply regret that this is happening in Dallas County right now. There’s already enough questions about our ability to serve the people of Dallas County. This is tremendously damaging to our local democracy.”

(The U.S. election system is not a democracy, it is a democratically elected republic, something that the commissioner should darn well know.)

Pippins-Poole filed the petition and affidavit in court late Friday, according to county officials.

In the affidavit accompanying the court petition, Pippins-Poole said she only made the discovery while reconciling the books and discovered she did not have enough ballots for everyone who showed up to vote.

She now wants to recount and re-tabulate votes in both the Democratic and Republican primary elections. (read more)

Many people wonder why these democrat involved elections are having such issues? Is it because they need to carefully construct the vote to prevent a Sanders nomination? Are they simply getting ready for the general election, when they will connive, cheat and steal votes in an attempt to defeat Donald Trump?