Not "Flesh and Blood"

PUBLISHED: 8:27 PM 30 Dec 2019

Real Reason For Increased Attacks On Christians And Jews… It’s Not Trump

Putting the recent attacks in Texas and New York into perspective.

We are not fighting flesh and blood enemies, but a powerful dark force. (Source: CBS News Screenshot YouTube)

Have you wondered why brutal Anti-Semitism and violent, horrific attacks against Christians have increased in America and around the world? Here’s a hint… it’s not President Trump.

I’ve thought about it for some time now, and have come to one conclusion: The Enemy knows exactly who his real enemies are.

If that confuses you, let me explain. The Apostle Paul, in Ephesians 6:12 warns believers that we don’t struggle “against flesh and blood,” but that our war is against the “powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

However, over the weekend, Christians in a Texas Church and Orthodox Jews gathering in a rabbi’s home to celebrate “light” faced physical, deadly attacks from “flesh and blood” evil. Why?

Because Satan knows exactly who to fight.

An America, founded on Biblical principles and based on individual liberty and accountability under God, is detrimental to his plan of destruction and slavery.

Firstly, the devil knows that the existence of the Jewish people PROVES the existence of the Hebrew God, and if he can embolden the world to eradicate all Jews (he’s tried more than once before), then he can make God a liar.

But, God is not a liar. And his covenant with his chosen people is not null and void.

Moreover, God is merciful to all mankind and sent his Only Son to ransom the human heart from the bondage of sin, and save the entire world from the enemy’s schemes for our destruction.

That is why evil stirs up hatred against Jews and Christians. And, the ‘progressive’ culture furthers those ends.

Evil knows that a disarmed population would make these sorts of attacks much more frequent and deadly. Our enemy also knows that a society that celebrates mass murderers, cultivates short attention spans and is consumed by notoriety, makes his job of exploiting discontent, irresponsibility, and a desire for fame much easier.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me… the liberal ‘agenda’ of complete disarmament, total socialist indoctrination, redistribution of wealth, and any other ‘progressive’ idea is based on the fact that the devil knows his time is very short.

All of these policies pave the way for chaos, destruction, want, and pain… things that are the opposite of what God intends for his children.

The reason for the violence this weekend, is NOT, as some democrats have claimed, the fault of President Trump’s supposed rhetoric.

It is the natural result of a society that caters to the mentally disturbed, and tells its children that whatever they “want” is good and natural and that their feelings are the most important thing in the world.


At least in Texas, they are fighting this by fighting the liberal control that has taken over in New York.

Texas officials have declined to release the name of the man who killed innocent worshipers on Sunday, and hopefully that will continue. Preventing the very narcissism that appeals to these bent and broken people can possibly reduce the number of willing soldiers the Enemy is able to muster.

Moreover, thanks to Godly leadership in the state, the right to carry firearms for self-defense was recently strengthened, ensuring that the man intent on horrendous evil was limited in the carnage he was able to carry out.

Within six seconds, he was dead.

For the Jewish communities in New York, sadly, the liberal stronghold there also strengthens the Enemy. The attacks have only increased over the past few years, and with new ‘jailbreak’ reforms, an actual hate crime apparently plays no role in allowing perpetrators to walk free without bail.

The New York Jewish communities that follow the God of Abraham and the Law are living in the sort of hate-filled society that permeated Nazi Germany before WWII.

This is an ancient fight, and evil will not give up.

Therefore, I argue that believers in the Living God of all nationalities must be united in fighting and preventing the sort of leftist agenda that allows such violence to flourish. Either we are working for him… or we’re helping the enemy. It’s that simple.

Until we all recognize the purpose behind the coordinated attack on American liberties and act, the situation will only deteriorate.