NFL Advertisers Turn Tail

PUBLISHED: 3:45 AM 27 Jan 2018

Ratings Woes Continue As NFL Advertisers Pull Out, Massive Loss Reported

Almost Every Major Advertiser Is Ditching The Dying Brand

The NFL is going extinct as advertisers dry up.

All year long, the Conservative Daily Post has shown that the N.F.L. is dying in the ratings and that they have more empty seats than anyone can count without a physics degree. Now it is being noticed not only by writers and fans, but by the REAL money men…the advertisers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that advertising “revenue from in-game NFL programming declined 1.2% to $2.42 billion during the 2017 regular season.” Standard Media Index (SMI) has confirmed that declining numbers (which are in large part caused by kneeling during the “Star Spangled Banner“) is taking a toll on the pocketbook, as predicted. With one in ten fans tuning out, the coming cutbacks were clear to see on the horizon months ago.

SMI “figures include NFL advertising across NBC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN, from Sept. 7 to Dec. 31,” and what the digits tell is one a story as dark as any Hollywood horror film, at least for cautious advertisers.

They confirm that the “price of 30-second spots increased 1.2% from $499,000 to $505,000.” Meanwhile, the delivery of what is called “make goods” increased “from 21% to 23% of the units due to lower ratings.”

This is “extra commercial” space given free when numbers are so depressing that it is the only way to keep advertisers. It is to “make good” on their promise in terms of views.

For the first time since we have been tracking the market we saw a slight drop of in-game dollars,” SMI declared. “Despite a fairly significant fall in ratings, CPM’s were strong and demand continued to be high.

Confirmation of these never-ending woes is being noted by Nielson Ratings, as well. They have found that N.F.L. viewership “was down 9.7% compared with the 2016 regular season.”

When we look at what the National Football League has said, it is clear that they try to downplay how much of an effect the boycott over the kneeling and disrespect for President Donald Trump has had on them.

They have blamed concussions (a topic that no football fan ever talks about as a reason to tune out) and all kinds of shadows, saying that the kneelings is but a small part.

Well, according to the numbers, it seems to be enough to cause advertisers to write lighter checks, so perhaps they need to address the problem while anyone is still tuning in at all.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostThe Wall Street Journal