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PUBLISHED: 8:31 PM 27 Sep 2018

Rapper Writes Of Killing White Babies And Hanging People

The song has been banned from YouTube while many suspect it was all for hype.

Warning: This article contains violent, offensive language.

The Voice Of Europe published an article today that shows racial tensions haunt France. There, a rapper who goes by the name of Nick Conrad has just released a song called “Hang White People” and it endorses, among other things, killing white babies.

The video, which even YouTube has banned, talks about “catching the parents” after the children are slaughtered and hanging them, as the BBC reported.  BFMTV even reported that an investigation is being conducted by “the Paris prosecutor” into the video. The message, they say, is clear: kill all white babies. The lyrics are, as some see it, are unbelievably murderous. The album title translates to “Call To Murdering Whites.”

Certainly, stories of murder have been in music for a long as there has been music, but many music connoisseurs wonder if those who support this hatred (which isn’t presented as fiction) would feel the same way if a vile white rapper were saying such things against blacks (or anyone else)?

The nine-minute work, which was posted on September 17, did not even have the depth of creativity to use original footage. Rather, it relied on footage easily gathered from “the film American History X, where a white neo-Nazi murdered a black man in the same fashion.

As for Conrad’s (some spellings show “Konrad“) supposed lyrical prowess, they consist of lines like, “I go into creches and kill white babies. Catch them quickly and hang their parents.” Many music experts have been quick to ask if his “risk-taking” wasn’t just to find hype and to mask the fact that this rapper may not have a whole lot of skill on the mic (though the words do rhyme in French).

The song is called “Appel au Meurtre des blancs,” which means, “Call to murdering whites,” just begs for attention on a sophomoric shock level, many critics have said.

Most fans of the song seem drawn to it only for such shock value. Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, a French comic who is jail for anti-Semitism retweeted the song, for example.

At least the hate isn’t going unnoticed or allowed to stand unchecked. French Interior Minister, Gerard Collomb tweeted that he “unreservedly” condemned the video.

Likewise, LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism), is taking legal action against the rapper. “The incitement to murder in Nick Conrad’s video is despicable and unbelievably violent.”

In the video, the would-be wordsmith “kidnaps a white man, drives him to a garage, shoots him in the back and hangs him.” After the lyrics are completed (which are posted below), the white man is seen cowering in the corner. Showing no mercy, “I told you two seconds you almost made it, that’s enough you suffered enough, put your mouth on the curb right here now,” is heard.

The man pleads, but the demand is made a second time. He then curb stomps the man, which is simply a re-enactment of a movie starring Ed Norton where the same thing happens in reverse. Therefore, some music fans wonder if this man can think up anything on his own.

Other people will be quick to call for the arrest of such a rapper, but as many historians can attest to, that is a slippery slope. If Conrad can being strong-armed for his “art,” then it can be argued that before long, anyone who the system doesn’t like will be treated just as badly. For example, some Christian artists in the U.K. could be put in jail for rapping about Jesus Christ in Muslim no-go zones, as many musicians there fear.

Therefore, as many people see it, the best thing to do is simply refuse to attend Conrad’s shows, listen to his music, or supply him with a career.

Problem solved.

Hang White People” Lyrics:

I go into creches and kill white babies. Catch them quickly and hang their parents.”
“spread them apart to pass the time, to entertain black children of all ages young and old”
“whip them hard do it frankly how it smells death how it spurts blood hanging from trees in cosmic emptiness”
“let these filthy provide a fascinating show macabre scary
“aim when they move pale and funny”
“take away from them all humanity so that they become nothing but objects without souls
“from now on own them write their names on your wills”
“Yeah Yeah”
“So that we hand them down as time goes by”
“So that they belong to us in the depth of their subconscious”
Ohh man, Ohh Man, WhaWhaWha Whitiiiiies, Hang them Ohh Man, Ohh Man, WhawhaWha Whities”
“Hang them all Hang white people Hang them now Hang white people, Hang them now

Hang white people and if these hyenas cling to creepers shoot them down very brutall”
“Provide them with weapons, let them kill each other to the end to their defending body”
“Let their orchestrated death generate a lot of money be heartless let them all die together let them burn as they gather set an example, torture the reluctant ones in front of the group white man’s mouth on the curb deadly skull crushing to break their teeth bullets in the head don’t they like that? Black History X it’s only the beginning strengthened by the teachings I received all this time, I came to reverse the triangular trade

WhaWha Whities

“White man hanging”

Hang them

Hang them all

Hang white people

Hang them now

Hang white people

Hang them now”