12 Years Given

PUBLISHED: 8:38 PM 19 Jul 2018

Rapper Gets “Enhanced Sentence” For Boasting Of Crimes

He bragged about shooting a man 8 times in his sleep.

He bragged about his crimes and will pay for it during the next 12 years.

The Dallas News has written today, a rapper named Na Na loved to put his crimes into song lyrics. However, the judge heard those lyrics and he was sentenced to 12 years behind bars for his bragging.

The words to his “music” talked about drive-bys and elements of gang violence which Na Na (whose real name is Nykees Earl Campbell) made no effort to hide. On YouTube and Facebook Live, he boasted of his wars with rival gangs which ended in bloodshed and needless death. Only today’s liberal and post-modern (aka post-Christian) schools could make a person this woefully stupid, according to many who have followed the details of this case.

Much like the equally brainless case of Michael Persaud (whose single “Sell Drugz” led police right to his crimes, too), Na Na’s lyrics were a roadmap for prosecutors to easily use in order to tie him to a myriad of crimes, “including an ambush robbery in which he allegedly shot a man eight times while he was asleep in bed.”

U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn gave the 20-year-old leader of the YNB Stretch Gang the lengthy sentence even though he was not convicted of the callous crimes that he boasted about.

In January, the rapper pleaded guilty to selling cocaine and prior to that, he had developed no criminal record. Still, he was looking at six years of prison just for the drug offense.

Things took a turn when Assistant U.S. Attorney Rick Calvert asked for (and was given) “an enhanced prison term due to Campbell’s alleged violent gang activities.” These were all things that the prosecution found just by listening to his lyrics in court on Wednesday. The rapper told on himself!

The request for a stronger sentence is not something Lynn often does but the judge explained her reasoning for doing so in this case. “You’re bragging about shooting a person. It’s violence times 10 at every phase,” she said. All things considered, it does take quite a character to brag about shooting a defenseless sleeping man, no matter what gang he may also be in.

Innocent people, including a girl of only six, were hit by the bullets which Na Na boasted about spraying all over the area. His lyrics matched up to known crimes that really happened, so this was not like he was merely telling a story. He was confessing to crimes and happy to tell everyone how “hard” he was.

A different member of the YNB was followed just Sunday on the freeway and he was shot in the neck. He is expected to survive, but just the same, this shows the mindset of the people in question. “I’m not punishing you for making rap videos,” added the judge as she spoke to the rapper also known by the ridiculous title of Ny Nizzle.

Campbell’s attorney, Dianne Jones McVay, did not agree.

She opined that “My client is guilty of rapping. They can’t prove their murders … but they want to blame my client for all of them.” While that may be how she feels, her client gave details that only a person involved would know. Furthermore, the rap battle that was brewing with another gang had that leader threatening to kidnap Campbell’s 3-year-old daughter, a crime a callous as shooting a sleeping man.

Eric Barnes, a homicide detective, said that Campbell is a suspect in a few other murders as well, so getting this would-be celebrity off of the Texas streets is hardly a bad thing. Once Na Na was taken down, the violence from the gang halted and 13 others within the failed crime organization also were arrested.

At the end of the day, perhaps it is not such a good idea to brag about crimes on the internet. That is just a Na Na…um, no no.