Illegal Crossing Caught On Tape

PUBLISHED: 1:09 AM 25 Jan 2018

Rancher Videos Boarder Crossing, Mexico’s Muslim Population Skyrockets

This may indicate that they are using Mexico as a embarking point for invasion.

There are more than Mexican nationals coming across the border into the U.S.

Immigration reform is once again taking the center stage for American political debates in this modern age. With the promise of the border wall underway, many Americans are eager to finally put their worried minds to rest about the undefended southern border. However, the worry is not going to go away as Texas ranchers have found that migrants crossing the border are speaking Urdu which leads many to believe that jihadists are using the undefended border as well.

There truly is a global jihad taking place which involves Muslims spreading the will of Sharia to all parts of the world. This is a real battle that takes shape in various forms, but it is not to be mistaken for random acts of violence. The video from the ranchers shows that it is not only Latin Americans and Mexicans using the unguarded border, but now also the possibility of jihadists as well.

It is now entirely plausible to believe that jihadists are using nations like Mexico as launching points to infiltrate and attack Americans on American soil. This should cause extreme alarm to those who wish to live in peace as Muslims are now illegally entering the United States via routes from Mexico. If something is not done soon to combat this kind of infiltration then the organized attacks from terrorists are only going to continue.

The ranchers who published the video depicting a young man crawling underneath a fence on their property have gone public with their findings.  They were not as alarmed about the prospect of an illegal alien as they were about what the migrant left behind. An Urdu-English dictionary was found which indicates that this man spoke only Urdu, a popular language in Pakistan.

It is no secret that America has enemies across the globe. These are the same enemies that are looking to not only abuse the system of government that reigns in the United States but also to torment its citizens. If Pakistani nationals are using the route from Mexico to illegally enter the United States then it should be easy to state that they are not there to help the nation.

Immigration is supposed to be a two-way street but that concept has gone out the window to those who openly demand open borders. It is a system that asked those trying to enter another nation to work hard and contribute to the society they are trying to join. It was never supposed to be an effortless process but one that valued the merit of those who actually completed all of the required tasks. Those who “cut in line” by taking illegal routes are only looking out for themselves and are likely to contribute very little to the society they are infiltrating.

Now the narrative that is associated with President Trump’s border wall has changed drastically. Those who think that hardly any danger comes in from south of the border now face evidence of Muslims using the porous border as well. The global terror group ISIS has made it perfectly clear to the Western world that they will be infiltrating the nations and attacking them from within. Muslims illegally crossing the southern border should be alarming to everyone.

What more is it going to take for people to understand that this nation is not going to be safe if the southern border is left wide open to America’s enemies? The need for the border wall is at an all-time high as America can no longer wager that harm is not coming from an unguarded border. Other nations around the globe like Hungary and Israel have proven that walls will work to stop migrants from illegally entering the nation so it goes without saying that the wall needs to be funded.

Democrats have been refusing to do anything productive for the nation over the past year. Their party’s motto of resist is getting old and the people are understanding that they are not working for the interests of the American people. If their obstructionist stance is not met with total and overwhelming legal force, then they will continue to weaken the trust that the American people have in their government.

If terrorists using the southern border is not alarming to the Democrats for a reason to build a wall then it seems safe to assume that they do not care about the lives that could be lost, only the votes that could be gained.