Leftists Strike Again

PUBLISHED: 7:39 PM 20 Aug 2018

Radical Leftists Protest Gun Rights, Assault Trump Supporter

While conservatives were protesting a scheme to undermine the Second Amendment, leftists assaulted a protester to the point he required medical treatment on-site.

Radical leftists protested a gun rights event, and even decided to assault a Trump supporter during said event.

The political left has shown up for ‘counter protests’ to various events for months now, and they seem to constantly bring with them violence where there was none before they arrived. They’ve shown up to protest everything from conservative speakers at University of California Berkeley (where the original ‘free speech’ movement was born in the 60’s) to conservative candidates for various local offices.

During a peaceful, Second Amendment rally, ‘counter’ protestors in Seattle, Washington, turned violent, as has been the case at many recent events. The one group was standing up for constitutional ‘rights,’ while apparently the other was there to show that they were more than happy to beat people for simply supporting the constitution. It was so bad one attendee even had to be treated on-site for an assault. Apparently, love only trumps hate through violence?

On Saturday in Seattle, Washington, members of right-leaning and conservative groups like Patriot Prayer and Washington Three Percenters held an event dedicated to showing their support for the right to keep and bear arms.

They were holding a rally outside of city hall to protest a gun control ballot initiative that seems to have been defeated, at least for now, due to failures of the initiative to conform to state law.

Nearby, a group of left-wing extremists held a ‘counter’ protest, including members of the ‘Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity,’ ‘Radical Women,’ and the ‘Freedom Socialist Party,’ all of which are far-left extremist/Marxist groups.

During their ‘counter’ protest, they yelled and used sirens and cow bells in order to drown out the rally in front of city hall.

One person with the pro-gun group, a Donald Trump supporter sporting a MAGA hat, was treated for an injury sustained during the protest, and three were arrested for their part in committing misdemeanor assault.

As the protests became more tense, additional police arrived, some in riot gear, and others used their bicycles to create makeshift barriers in order to prevent a skirmish between the two groups.

This latest protest and leftist violence comes only two weeks after violence broke out at another rally held by Patriot Prayer, who were using the event to push for the group’s conservative founder to be elected to public office.

Once again, far-left groups showed up at that event, and once again, they contributed to tension and violence. It appears that leftist are determined to use fascist tactics of intimidation to forward their political agenda.

This was a very timely event, given the fact that the gun control ballot initiative had just been thrown off the ballot by a judge.

The gun-control initiative would have arbitrarily raised the age for purchasing semi-automatic rifles in the state of Washington from 18 to 21, and created standards for ‘safely storing firearms’ in the home.

On Friday, a judge said that the signature petitions for the initiative, known as Initiative 1639, did not ‘comport’ with state law.

This ruling was made in response to a lawsuit from the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation, who had filed the suit against Kim Wyman, the Secretary of State for Washington.

Specifically, the initiative didn’t make it clear what, exactly, it would change from law as it currently stood, a requirement under state law.

The group behind the initiative, ‘The Alliance for Gun Responsibility,’ has already appealed that motion. However, if the ballot initiative does not meet minimum standards, then it doesn’t meet the standards, and that’s all there is to it.

Still, it’s interesting that the left isn’t just concerned with undermining the rights of people to peaceable assembly, but that they’re now going after their right to voice an opinion on other amendments as well.

Perhaps this is just the release of left-over aggression that they didn’t get to vent during the ‘Unite the Right 2’ rally, which turned out to be a complete non-event that attracted a few dozen right-wing extremists around the nation.

Indeed, in Charlottesville, Virginia, Antifa and other leftists groups, deprived of any right-wing group to target and decry as fascists or Nazis, simply decided to target the press and hurl insults at police.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if Antifa and other leftist groups are little better than riotous assailants at these protests, looking to stir up something and to shut down any speech that they don’t like, including protests over arbitrary schemes to limit constitutional rights.

Some people in the media, like Chris Cuomo, still go on television and make excuses for the conduct of leftist groups who decided to use violence to suppress speech.

It’s a good thing that the law, and common sense, were upheld in Seattle. It’s just a shame that leftists continue to bring violence to bear any time they don’t get their way, and it’s police and anyone to the political right of Karl Marx who has to suffer.