Teacher’s Racist Tirade

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 4 May 2021
UPDATED: 5:08 PM 4 May 2021

Racist Teacher’s Tirade Against Latino Cop “You’ll Never Be White… You’re a Murderer”

Typical democrats. They are so obsessed with skin color (and themselves), that it influences their entire perspective… with a racist view. Seriously, God bless this cop, who acted with tolerance to this woman’s obvious mental derangement.

What an evil person. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Not only was this teacher breaking the law (driving without a license and using her cell phone), she apparently is so racist that only the color of skin matters and she tried to file a complaint against a police officer just doing his job. One other observation here, many people think the ‘video’ she was taping would have ended up on social media later that day in a rant against the ‘evil’ danger she faced… but such self-righteous idiocy backfired.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

A teacher berated a Latino deputy and launched into a racist tirade when he pulled her over in San Dimas, California on April 23rd.

The woman repeatedly called the deputy a “murderer” as she recorded him with her phone.

“You’re always gonna be a Mexican, you’ll never be white, you know that?” the woman said to the law enforcement officer.

The deputy maintained his cool and handled the situation professionally.

Video obtained by FOX LA reporter Bill Melugin.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told Melugin that the woman called them after the traffic stop to file a harassment complaint against the deputy.

San Dimas doesn’t have official bodycams yet but the deputy invested in his own personal cam to protect himself.

Bill Melugin said he has identified the woman and she is a professor at schools in the LA area but he won’t publicly release her name yet because he is waiting for her to return his calls.