Biden Demented

PUBLISHED: 1:30 PM 30 Apr 2021
UPDATED: 5:07 PM 30 Apr 2021

Racist, Resident Biden Says Only Whites Buy Homes? Loses Mask, Then Finds it In His Pocket

Biden’s racism and cognitive decline comes through in everything.

Pathetic liar. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Resident Biden is a disgusting joke, which would be funny if he hadn’t been illegally installed as ‘president.’

The Gateway Pundit reported:

How much longer can Democrats continue to prop up this dementia patient on a stage?

Joe got lost on stage today. He couldn’t find his facemask. The guy had his two vaccine shots but still wears a mask as a prop. He wants you to get a vaccine shot too!

Nurse Jill came on stage and helped him look for the mask in his notebook and on the podium.

Thank goodness an attentive aide ran on stage with a spare mask!

This administration is a complete sideshow!
It would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous and deceitful.

The Gateway Pundit added:

Joe Biden and his nurse Jill traveled to Duluth, Georgia on Thursday to speak to a parking lot of honking cars to mark 100 days in office.

Biden’s entire speech sounded like it was written by Karl Marx.

At one point Joe Biden brought up “equity” and told the minorities in attendance that only whites know the secrets to building wealth.

According to racist Joe, only white families pass down money through generations.

But Biden promised that he would make sure blacks, Latinos and Asians would also be able build equity and pass money down.

“Most of the middle class folks you know are Caucasian or white – how’d they make it? Well they were able to get enough money to buy a home and they build equity in that home…and they passed it on and that’s how you build wealth,” Biden said without mentioning anything about hard work and discipline. “Well we’re gonna make sure that African-Americans as well as make sure the Latinos and Asian-Americans are able to build that kind of wealth.”

That’s the thing about Joe Biden, let him talk long enough and the racist in him bubbles up.