Make America White Again

PUBLISHED: 7:01 PM 10 Aug 2018

Racist Comment On “Morning Joe” Misdefines MAGA

Those platforms that flag "fake news" were somehow nowhere to be found after this outburst.

MAGA...Make America White Again? "G" stands for "white?"

In the current culture, Facebook, YouTube/Google, and other censors loom over every word written, often claiming “fake news” where none exists, according to those attacked. Meanwhile, when a liberal like Donny Deutsch gets on “Morning Joe” and says that MAGA really means “Make America White Again,” the censors who loom for “opinion” news are somehow not to be found, as the Finkel Blog has reported today.

As Fox News has written, Deutsch said, “Donald Trump, once and for all, we need to just really look at what his slogan, Make America Great Again, means. We know what it means. We know what it meant. Make America White Again. And that’s what that slogan always was.” The race card has been played and many viewers were left asking who the real racist is now?

The whining and complaining were not to only be done by Deutsch, however. After watching a former account of Ronald Reagan speaking about how “anyone from any corner of the Earth can come to live in America and become an American,” Mika Brzezinski claimed to have been brought to tears by what President Donald Trump has done.

Yet, ol’ Ronnie meant via legal means, not just walking into the U.S. For that matter, Reagan’s amnesty views have been reflected on by many who would say that he made the problem far worse with what he did, as the New York Times has addressed. If this is to be accepted, Brezinski is weeping over the fact that Donald Trump is not repeating past mistakes.

Joe Scarborough chimed in and “quoted former CIA Director Michael Hayden who said, “You read the document, you understand the document, you pledge allegiance to the document, and we shake your hand, and you are every bit as much of an American as me and other people who have been here for 400 years.

Here is where a lot of people with both an eye for detail and a shred of common sense simply shutter. Notice that Scarborough never mentioned that a civics and history tests need to be taken! This would mean that entire issues of vital importance would be just blown over as it relates to huge areas of American life, culture, economics, and politics.

Furthermore, the very pledge that he is talking about is under attack, as confirmed yesterday.

Migrants today often have outright contempt for the United States. What Donald Trump is asking for is for legal entry, some kind of civics test to prove that those arriving fully understand the nation, and most importantly that those arriving want to “be American.”

That means things like learning English enough to function. That means being proud of what the U.S. has accomplished and it means not sneaking in without applying.

If that is too much to ask for democrats to be happy, then God alive, let’s hope that one is not elected into office anytime soon.