PUBLISHED: 9:14 PM 17 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 10:03 PM 17 Mar 2017

Rachel Maddow Just Got Some Bad News From The Trump Admin. After Releasing His Taxes Illegally

Maddow Busted

Rachel Maddow (Pictured Above) Didn’t Receive Good News Following Her Little Stunt

Earlier this week, there was a supposed giant news story about President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Democrats have made it a point to hound this issue for months, claiming the new President should be “ashamed” of himself for protecting his financial records during an audit. Needless to say, President Trump’s refusal to release them has left plenty of Democrats furious.

That’s where MSNBC reporter Rachel Maddow stepped in. Earlier in the week, she sent out a tweet (that quickly went viral) saying that she had Trump’s tax returns and that she would be showing them to the public. Naturally, many people tuned in to see her unveil what she had.

Maddow wasn’t entirely truthful, as she did have Trump’s tax returns, but they were from 2005. Furthermore, she only proved that Trump paid a higher tax rate than both Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and former President Barack Obama. And now it looks like Maddow, humiliated for this failed hit piece, could be in some serious legal trouble.

According to a report from The Hill, what Maddow did was definitely illegal. “Disclosing a taxpayer’s information without consent IS ILLEGAL.” Going through a small checklist, Maddow did indeed use the documents without Trump knowing, and sent it out for the entire country to hear. Yeah, that’s illegal all right.

But that isn’t the end of it; Things have gone from bad to worse for Maddow and MSNBC. It’s being reported that Donald Trump’s private legal team is looking to make a legal case for having his tax forms released. Specifically they are looking to make a case against MSNBC and reporter David Johnston. That’s what happens when someone breaks the law to get a story.

What was more interesting about the tax returns was what they proved. Yes they were from over a decade ago, but they still showed that Trump paid more than the Vermont Senator. Sanders, who almost ran a successful campaign based on socialism, wants to see the top one percent pay more in taxes.

Obviously Trump is in the top percentage of people based on his wealth. However, Sanders isn’t exactly hurting either, as he owns three homes. Therefore, Sanders should be paying higher taxes as well. According to Sanders’ 2014 tax returns, he only paid 13 percent.

That’s not a tremendously high percentage paid in taxes. It makes it worse considering that Sanders was preaching about how the wealthy should pay more. Millions of millennials were drawn to Sanders speeches about how things were going to be free. However they never asked who was going to pay for it all. Nothing in life is free.

Meanwhile, Trump paid $38 million in taxes on a $150 million income in 2005. Doing basic math shows that Trump paid nearly 25 percent in taxes. Trump paid the higher amount that Sanders was preaching about, yet Sanders couldn’t do the same. That, ladies and gentlemen, if the very definition of “hypocrite.”

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Trump Paid A Higher Percentage In Taxes Than The Socialist Bernie Sanders Did

Essentially, Maddow proved to the world that Trump actually pays his taxes. Not only did she prove that, but also now she is facing some legal issues. Sources said to Fox News that Trump’s private legal team is “looking at violations of federal privacy laws.”

Not to mention that the story on Trump’s taxes should have been dropped by now. Unfortunately, Democrats continued to scream about them. They claimed that he doesn’t pay taxes at all. However, Maddow also proved them wrong. As stated above, Trump paid out $38 million in taxes.

That is a lot of money that was paid out to the government, and it certainly represented a higher rate than most people pay. What intended to be a giant slam piece against the President completely backfired, and it’s not over yet.

Trump is undoubtedly angry with this. Who can blame him? It’s not everyday that a news reporter takes the tax returns and spills it to the general public. However, the Democrats have absolutely no shame in doing this. However, it’s now going to cost them.

Rachel Maddow must have thought that she was showing the world something important. In reality, all she has done is cause a tremendous amount of legal trouble for MSNBC and another reporter. Her desire to get the big scoop on something as stupid as Trump’s tax returns are going to come back to haunt her. Maybe she will serve as a lesson for someone that wants to try this in the future.

Speaking of taxes, Trump is actually going to do the entire country a favor with them. Trump is actually going to LOWER taxes for everyone in the country. After all, are there really people out there that want to pay more if they don’t have to? Is that something that the Democrats are also going to freak out about?

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While staying on the subject of taxes, one liberal group was found to not have paid taxes themselves. Apple, the very group that makes all the iPhones and iPads and anything like that, has paid zero taxes. Why are people not screaming at them to pay taxes? Could it be that because it’s a liberal group, people turned a blind eye?

Share this article to show that President Trump is bound to get the last laugh. Rachel Maddow thought she was going to be slick and show the world what taxes Trump paid. Not only did she show that Trump has paid a lot of taxes, but now she is causing a legal headache for MSNBC and another reporter. Karma always finds a way to get back at people.