PUBLISHED: 11:01 PM 11 Dec 2016
UPDATED: 7:33 PM 12 Dec 2016

Rabbit Hole Exposed As Australian Pedophile Ring Emerges, Ties Point Directly To Top U.S. Officials

This Does NOT Look Good

This Does NOT Look Good

This Does NOT Look Good

Stories have been breaking all over about how many well-known individuals (a majority having ties to the government) have been involved in pedophile rings. The United States and Britain have been rocked with scandals as investigators dig deeper into emerging allegations.

Now, Australia has become involved and the people on the accused list will shock everyone. A website operating from the Netherlands was the basis of once group of abusers being caught. At its peak, the site had 70,000 members worldwide.

Europol, who was involved in this particular investigation, provided the following statement:

“It attempted to operate as a ‘discussion–only’ forum where people could share their sexual interest in young boys without committing any specific offences, thus operating ‘below the radar’ of police attention. Having made contact on the site, some members would move to more private channels, such as email, to exchange and share illegal images and films of children being abused. Computers seized from those arrested have harvested huge quantities of child abuse images and videos.”


International sex rings were busted

Law Enforcement agencies from the United States and Australia were involved as well as 9 other countries. Australian Federal Police commander Grant Edwards said suspects arrested in Australia ranged in age from 19 to 84 and used the Internet to “prey on children with anonymity, with subterfuge and with camouflage. Children should be able to use the Internet safely, without fear of being approached or groomed by these online predators.”

Recently an Australian man was found guilty of multiple pedophile crimes against young girls in Bali and sentenced to 15 years in jail. Robert Andrew Fiddes Ellis was found guilty of sexually abusing 11 girls, aged 8 to 17 years, in the period 2014-2015. During his trial,Ellis admitted digital anal penetration of the girls while bathing them at his home in Bali, where he has lived since 2013.

He showed no remorse and did not ask for forgiveness, “The girls that the media calls victims are in fact the closest friends I have in the world and I dare say they were horrified when they learned of my arrest. To say that I was a bad influence on the girls is nothing but vile slander. I was the only benefactor they ever had and ridiculous, hypocritical public servants have stolen me away from them.”

Australian news has also reported on a new app called Yellow. The app reportedly has five million users and is growing in popularity among Australian school-aged children. It combines the swipe mechanism and “match” features of Tinder to connect kids with Instagram and Snapchat’s photo editing and messaging services.

Then, they are given the option to add each other instantly on photo-sharing app Snapchat and continue their “friendship.” Previously, there have been several reports of children being pressured to send nude photographs and being coaxed into explicit sexual conversation while using the app.


The app is being used by predators

Now a woman, Fiona Barnett, 45, has come forward to share her story in the hopes that it will help other children who are being abused. This is not the first time she has tried to tell people about her experience but says she was “stonewalled.”

The Australian Senate met earlier this week and allegations of the ring were made when Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan claimed he had a police list containing the names of 28 prominent people. The names were those that Barnett had accused.

The list included some prominent names.

  • Antony Kidman (actress Nicole Kidman’s father)
  • Former US President Richard Nixon
  • Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam
  • Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke
  • Pastor Billy Graham
  • Ted Turner

Fiona claims that, beginning at the age of 5, she was prostituted to “pedophile parties” at Parliament House in Canberra. Ms. Barnett described the alleged operation as a “very well-coordinated international pedophile ring” and said there was a strict hierarchy. She says that thousands of other children were involved.

Leader of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), a child sex abuse advocacy group said Fiona’s alleged experience was not unique. “SNAP has heard from a number of survivors of very similar offences who have been raped, who have been tortured, and whose perpetrators include the most senior people in Australia.” SNAP says allegations have been ignored by the Royal Commission and government officials.

Australia is taking steps to stop some pedophiles ability to travel. Child sex offenders will be banned from travelling overseas under new laws as it emerged about 800 had traveled abroad in the past year. Authorities are currently able to petition the Foreign Minister to cancel passports of or refuse to issue passports to convicted child sex offenders.

Many have already had passports refused or cancelled under those measures. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the Federal Government would work with states and territories to identify individuals who had been convicted of serious offences.


These children need help

There are far too many within these “VIP” sex rings to be mere coincidence. Prominent names span the countries and link them together in child abuse crimes. Countless children have been abused and raped by these people.

Australia and the United States must come together to rescue kids still involved.

Authorities need to listen to victims, no matter the “importance” of the names they speak.

Do you have any information that could help connect any dots on this worldwide investigation? Authorities at the highest levels have indicated this could be a deeply rooted issue inside the United States.

We need your help. Spread the message!