Comey Has Immunity?

PUBLISHED: 9:07 PM 15 May 2018

Questions Posed Ask If Comey Was Given Immunity By Mueller

James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennen were all working toward one goal: impeach Donald Trump before he could clean house.

James Comey admitted that he withheld information about who financed the dossier from President Trump.

From the very beginning of the Robert Mueller special investigation, former FBI Director James Comey has had an interesting role to play. However, at this point, it’s becoming clear that the role was a bit more than many believed.

Did Comey receive immunity from his former friend and colleague Robert Mueller? Is that why he so brazenly lied in front of a number of government groups, including elected officials in Congress? This entire scheme is unraveling around him, but he doesn’t seem concerned, and doesn’t seem to think that he has anything to fear whatsoever, even though he may be part of a conspiracy that began when he signed a FISA warrant in late 2016.

It’s almost impossible to imagine that Comey was not the recipient of at least some sort of special treatment throughout the process, perhaps even an immunity deal.

After all, the man running the investigation was a friend and former peer of Comey’s, and they both held the position of Director in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

But, it goes so much further than that, and it appears that James Comey, John Brennen, and James Clapper were all working to impeach the lawfully-elected President of the United States of America before he could remove members of the ‘deep state.’

From the day that President Donald Trump first took office, Comey had his sights set on the president.

He kept ‘memorialized’ accounts of his meetings with the Commander-in-Chief, his boss as his ‘recollections’ of what the president said.

Working with other members of the ‘deep state,’ Comey succeeded in painting the new administration as one that did not have any legitimated right to lead.

They leaked claims of an ‘investigation’ of President Trump’s business connections with the Russians, even though there was literally no evidence of misdeeds connected to his business dealings.

In private, the former FBI Director told the most powerful man in the world that he wasn’t the subject of an investigation.

For months after leaking this story to the press, James Comey and his various underlings suggested to the White House that they could tell the media that the story had no truth to it. Instead, when the White House staff took the FBI leadership up on their alleged offer, the leaders told the administration, and the media, that they were not going to quash the meritless story.

For his manipulative nonsense, and at the behest of numerous officials, Donald J. Trump dismissed the FBI Director he inherited from Barack Obama.

Less than a week later, he claimed that he had memos that showed the president tried to shut down the Michael Flynn investigation. This claim, and these leaked memos, created the conditions that caused Robert Mueller to be appointed as ‘special counsel’ to investigate alleged ties between the Trump Campaign, Russia, and possible collusion between the two.

Weeks later, it became apparent that Comey had leaked those documents, through a proxy, his friend and lawyer Daniel Richman, specifically to force the government to appoint a special counsel.

Then he was briefed by the special counsel, and handed over his ‘memos,’ even though they were far from perfect transcripts of discussions with the President.

The special council, along with FBI leadership and executives, even helped to coach the former Director for his meeting with the House Intelligence Committee. Since then, it seems like Comey has continuously acted without a care in the world.

He’s made what appear to be false and misleading statements to the United States Congress, which is a crime, all made while attempting to cover for Hillary Clinton and her illegal private email server.

He repeatedly leaked information to the press through his friend Richman, often without any approval.

He abused the FISA courts and hid information during the process of applying for FISA warrants, proving not only that the courts were ripe for abuse but also that he was willing to use questionable intelligence without citing its source if it allowed him to get his way.

At this point, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice is working on a report concerning serious abuses of the law committed by the FBI under Comey’s discretion.

And yet, the former director seems to be unworried about what is going to happen to him. Why? Well, there are a few possibilities.

Of course, he could always be innocent. Mountains of evidence and a huge investigative report by the DoJ could be wrong. The FISA courts and sworn documents could be wrong.

That seems extremely unlikely, however.

But what if Comey knew that no matter what happened, no matter how terrible his conduct, no matter how he hampered the investigation, there was no chance that he would ever be penalized for it?

What if he knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he would be safe from prosecution, punishment, and consequence?

That does seem like the kind of protection that would leave him feeling like he was untouchable, and could just go out and sell his book without any threat of penalty for his misdeeds.

If that’s the case, if that is what happened, it’s not just time to end the Mueller investigation (which continues to turn up literally nothing of consequence, it’s time to find out who knew what and when, and begin seeking prison terms for conspirators in what may be the greatest government cover-up of this decade.

So, it’s time to find out if Robert Mueller gave James Comey immunity, and if so, what the reason behind it was.