Anti-Gun California

PUBLISHED: 8:15 PM 31 Aug 2018

Quartet Of Anti-Gun Laws Passed In Legislature

"This brings the total of anti-gun bills awaiting Jerry Brown's signature this week up to eight."

After the state legislature sent him one quarter of anti-gun bills, they managed to send along a second four in the same week, all awaiting Governor Jerry Brown's signature.

California is one of the most unfriendly states when it comes to the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and quite possibly the worst state for anyone hoping to do so. As bad as the state’s arbitrary gun control laws are, however, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t end up worse, especially under the leadership of leftists like those who dominate the state’s legislature.

A series of four anti-gun bills that were approved late this week are on their way to the desk of leftist Governor Jerry Brown. Assembly Bill 2888, along with State Bills 221, 1100, and 1177, all push leftist gun control talking points, and could make the state even less friendly for people who dare to desire to own a firearm. The legislature enacted “long arm” regulations, with leftist politicians openly admitting their goal was to cater to a person who believed “we need fewer guns.”

Perhaps the most horrific, and most easily-abused of the four would be AB 2888.

That bill would expand the list of who can file for California’s ‘Gun Violence Restraining orders.’ Namely, it would add co-workers, employers, and school employees to the somewhat limited list of ‘family members and police officers’ that currently exists in the state’s law.

These ‘violence restraining orders, pioneered by the state of California and widely mocked as ‘turn in your neighbor’ laws, allow for the government to temporarily seize firearm rights from individuals accused, with minimal due process recourse.

SB 221 is a much more targeted bill. It prohibits the sale of firearms and ammunition at the state-owned ‘Cow Palace.’

The historic venue has been the location of a number of guns shows throughout the years, angering leftist politicians.

Specifically, politicians from the nearby city of San Francisco, a city that managed to use laws and harassment to force out its last gun store three years ago, were angry that people were getting together and selling firearms and ammunition inside Daly City’s ‘Cow Palace.’

The bill’s sponsor, California Senator Scott Wiener, a democrat from San Francisco, tried to tie the fact that the country is ‘awash in guns’ to school shootings, and said that they needed to do anything they could to stop the proliferation of firearms, since Washington ‘won’t.’

The third bill, presented by Senator Anthony Portantino and known as SB 1100, would ban sales of firearms to anyone under the age of 21.

This policy became popular after the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Now, the same leftist politicians who believe that 16-year-old teens should be able to vote in national elections are voting in favor of arbitrarily barring ownership of firearms to those same young people.

This policy, which has been passed in Florida and Vermont, also triggered legal challenges in both states.

Finally, Portantino, a Los Angeles County democrat, proposed SB 1177, which hopes to ‘ration’ purchases of firearms to one a month. Nothing says ‘freedom’ like the government telling you how much of a legal product you can buy at any one time, after all.

Under California law as it already exists, the purchase of handguns, the weapons most commonly used in crime, is already limited to one every 30 days.

However, this bill, if signed by Governor Brown, would extend that limit to rifles and shotguns to a single purchase every month per citizen.

Only Washington D.C., Maryland, and New Jersey have ‘gun rationing’ laws, and those laws extend solely to handgun purchases.

These bills are heading to the desk of a leftist governor in the same week that four other anti-gun bills do so.

Among those bills is one that would make it even more difficult for a law-abiding citizen to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon in the state, which already has some of the strictest laws and the lowest rates of actually issuing permits in the nation. In many counties in California, the only people able to get such permits are the wealthy, the politically-connected, and the famous.

For decades, California has sought to make the process of purchasing or possessing a modern rifle, pistol, or shotgun as tedious and difficult as possible, even for law-abiding citizens.

Their regulations are so stringent that most major firearms companies either offer specially-designed models of firearms for sale in the state, often called ‘CA compliant,’ or they simply refuse, outright, to ship their firearms into the state.

Likely, the leftist politicians in the state realize that they cannot simply bar citizens (or at least, the average citizens) from owning firearms, so they simply ‘infringe step-by-step, at the right to keep and bear arms in the state.

If Governor Jerry Brown signs these bills, and there’s no reason to expect he won’t, it won’t be long before California democrats are pushing further restrictions.