PUBLISHED: 10:15 PM 16 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 10:23 PM 16 Feb 2017

Qatar Slave Trade, International Center For Missing Children…Final Puzzle Piece Found: Clinton

Bill Clinton was given a million dollars as a birthday gift from the people who are tied to child sex trafficking.


Bill Clinton was given a million dollars as a birthday gift from the people who are tied to child sex trafficking.

When “Pizzagate” was trending, everyone made a point to talk about the pizza shop. Somehow the whole world seemed to miss the point that the pizza shop was not what raised so many questions, but rather, the known child sex addicts that tended to both frequent and support the place. Comet Pizza was found, it is alleged, to have been just a quirky place to enjoy pizza, but with John Podesta using terms common to those who cover for the trafficking of minors for sex and with Podesta associating with people like Jeffery Epstein (convicted pedophile), Bill Clinton (known rapist and abuser of women), Anthony Weiner (known to entice 15 year girls), and others, questions were asked that were prudent to the leaks at the time regarding “Pizzagate.”

Now things similar are again getting brought to the attention of the world as Qatar’s dealings within the sex trade are linked to not only the Clintons again, but also the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Qatar is a nation that is looking to host the World Cup of Soccer and has only just been lowered in ranking from a tier 3 on the World Trafficking Watchlist to a tier 2, a move that many think has far more to do with soccer dollars than it does any improvement in the status of the foul nation.  This could mean that a charity is being used as a source of severe sexual child abuse, just like it was in recovery hospitals with Jimmy Saville in England.


One of the most respected names in child rescue is named in a scandal that, IF true, could be nothing short of tragic.

In 2012 we know that Qatar gave a massive one million dollar “birthday gift” to Bill Clinton, a check made out to the Clinton Foundation. While that would normally be considered a charitable act, the Clinton Foundation has been found to support Saudi Arabia and other terrorist-sponsoring states, as well as the fact that the Clintons have been known to outright spend the money. “Would like to see WJC ‘for five minutes’ in NYC, to present $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC’s birthday in 2011″ a Clinton official named Ami Desai wrote in 2012. If that sounds like pay to play politics towards a 20 million dollar investment, that is because it was. 

Qatar, besides oil and gas production, are known the whole world over as both a destination for and birthplace of sex traffickers. This is very important to take careful note of because while not everyone who visits or does business in or with Qatar can be painted as someone into illegal sex with those who are often still children, not everyone is Bill Clinton who has been a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express, either. The Lolita Express is a nickname given to Jeffery Epstein’s plane that would fly the elite to islands where sex with children was common.  Not everyone is someone who has been tied to rape scandals too many to name or received a million dollars from them like Mr. Clinton has. Why would Qatar give a million dollars to a known rapist to run a charity with?

Comet Pizza and Ping Pong was looked at because of the kinds of known child abusers that also went there and the terms that they used.

In the age of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden, there is no way that this long tradition of child sex slavery, movement, and abuse will stay hidden. Sometimes the media will run cover for these ghouls like they did by focussing on a pizza shop instead of the monsters prowling IN the pizza shop, but even that won’t last long term. As this comes out, America is going to have some very hard decisions to make regarding justice.
For one thing, there is going to be the fallout of seeing the major players in the United States falling from grace for the most seething of crimes. It is going to give the nation a black eye just like when it happened to Great Britain after vile Jimmy Saville was discovered to have been the most prolific child molester in all of history, equal to that of the Roman Emperors.  As a matter of fact, if someone like William Jefferson Clinton were to ever fall, it could go badly in any number of ways that would likely include the elite pedophiles of other nations, too.

Clinton was a regular guest aboard the Lolita Express, (pictured) owned by Jeffery Epstein.

Beyond the image damage, America would have to decide who in office they still could trust, which is something that we are seeing already. Now that Anthony Weiner has gone from everyone’s favorite penis joke to a threat to children, it makes people wonder if Huma Abedin knew. This would be asked not because the goal would be to slander Huma, aka. Mrs. Weiner, who Bill Clinton officiated the wedding for, but because we know Hillary Clinton knew fully about Bill Clintons raping ways and did nothing to stop him. While such may not be true of Huma, Clinton covered for and threatened the woman that her husband, Slick Willy, raped.
These are the kinds of stomach turning instances and questions that come flying in all directions once something as dastardly as child sex is exposed. It is not strange, not some form of abstract thinking that makes a person ask these kinds of questions, it is the actions of those that engage in sexual displays with children and sex slaves that cause those questions to be prudent. How many people would find out that a friend was a pedophile and still associate with them? How many would give money and be seen flying on a place to a private island with such a person? The answer, unless another is presented, is that only those who were also engaged or somehow involved would, that is who.

Human sex trafficking is one of the biggest problems in Qatar.

This will not be the story that opens up the door to us finding out just how badly the whole child abusing ring really is or just how high up it can be confirmed to go, but it is a step in that direction. It is another small hole in a boat that is fast sinking. Many of those that have abused people long before things like the internet and independent media are hoping to die of old age before it all comes out, but that remains to be seen. Many NAZI’s hoped for the same thing, but only a few actually pulled it off. When one of these devilish monsters goes down that holds a high enough post to be without a doubt guilty (in the age of cell phones, it shall happen) of such a crime then not only will America be a better place, but we can also start tending to that terrible black eye.