PUBLISHED: 7:12 PM 10 Jan 2017

Putin Stopping “Rebels” From Overthrowing Syria, Yet Obama Moving To Attack Russia For “Hacking”


Russia prevented Syria from being taken over by radical ISIS terrorists only when Assad asked for Russian help.

In 2008, president Obama ran a campaign that was driven by almost one thing only, and that was that at least “he was not Bush.” His senatorial duties did not stand out, especially when viewed in comparison to some of the other people (such as Ron Paul) who he had faced and who had exemplary careers.

While Obama, much like Bill Clinton, was given the gift of public speaking prowess, much of what Obama said lacked any depth or hint of implementation. What his speeches said was that he was getting the USA out of Bush’s war, and in 2007 as he campaigned, that was all that was needed.

Perhaps it is for that reason that Obama did not act a bit more aggressively when the Syrian crisis went from bad to worse. It would have been a mistake to engage America deeper in Syria after the entrenchment that the USA had been in at the time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it would have been as popular as a Ruth Bater Ginsburg swimsuit calendar, too. What happened to Obama in regards to Syria is more subtle than most can pinpoint.

In Syria, what seems to have happened to Obama is that since he was a pied piper in the US, and because he was/is very good at speaking (teleprompter reading), he assumed he could talk his way out of this mess with Assad. He quickly found that his ability to speak well means less than a pint of pig fat in the Middle East. The world knew that America was not looking to face more quagmires in more nations. Syria was going to have fallen as it had -to the same degree that it had- regardless of Russian intervention.


ISIS and radical Islam are losing all of the ground that they had stolen from the Syrian people.

French MP Thierry Mariani has shown while visiting war-ravaged Aleppo that Syria would have fallen fully into the hands of terrorists and butchers had Russia not accepted Syria’s legal right to ask for their help. Many condemn Syria for asking Russia for the help, but in order to understand why, it is important to separate for a moment on “people” and focus upon only “motives.” Syrian president Assad was openly on the overthrow list for America. Now who, if they were Assad facing a radical uprising, would ask America for help if they themselves were Assad knowing this?

When people turn on the evening news, they see bloodshed that would imply that the whole nation of Syria is in such a mess and that Russia only made it worse. While that may make a great news headline on the next FAKE NEWS CNN story smearing Trump by proxy, it has no basis whatsoever in fact. For one thing, it belittles those who stayed and fought, loving their heritage enough to risk life and limb to battle ISIS.

One of those people would be the governor of Aleppo province, Hussein Diab, who is working to restore “everything that was destroyed at the hands of terrorists.”Without the help that Russia did give, Syria could be the “success story” that Libya is!


To suggest that Putin is not on the right side of history by defeating ISIS is absurd, regardless of his other actions upon the world stage.

Russia has also given 3.5 tons of humanitarian aid to the decimated area, which is something not often mentioned because the left has a double standard outlook on Putin. On one hand, the left will support a viper like Hilary Clinton and dismiss her support of rapists in Saudi Arabia by saying that no one is perfect. They will say, “Oh, I don’t agree with that but she does a lot of good, too.”

However, what would the left have said about Putin if he had declined to help and Syria had fallen to ISIS? They would have said that the evil, monstrous Mr. Putin had left innocents to die. Putin may not be a good man, but does that mean that he has incapable of ever doing anything good? The notion is preposterous.


Lastly, it should be observed that Russia is a nation made up largely of Orthodox Christianity. For Assad to work so openly with Orthodox Christians, of which Putin claims himself to be, is a huge step in progress. America used to be a Christian nation, but it is painfully celebrated by most in the media that drive the culture that America is a post-Christian nation.

This diminishing has lead America to no longer being the Christian-based outreach that has prevented much of the grief in the world any longer. That is not to say that America should engage in every act of help needed so that we get into wars that never end, but it does mean that we have lost the trust of the world due to our overthrowing and nation building.


Without help, Syria would have fallen into the hands of these masked murders.

Putin many not be a good man, but that does not mean that every action that the man does is done with some nefarious motive. Certainly, Putin wants allies, but also Putin wants to know what is happening in regards to radical Islam because Russia recalls the mess that Afghanistan created for the Kremlin in the 1980’s.

Putin has done many anti-American things such as buzzing American warships that Trump has thankfully said WILL stop beginning day number one that he enters the White House.

With that stated, it is impossible to not see the good that Russia did in saving a lot of innocent lives. It is not Russia’s fault that Obama expected Assad to ask for America’s help so that he could be toppled.

At least Syria is still partially in non-radical control, unlike most of Libya.