PUBLISHED: 3:35 PM 18 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 3:56 PM 18 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Putin Makes Presidential Request As Call Confirmed, CIA Involved

Trump has saved a lot of innocent lives right in the middle of a major Russian city and tourist attraction.

Trump has saved a lot of innocent lives right in the middle of a major Russian city and tourist attraction.

It was only last week that the Conservative Daily Post confirmed that U.S. and Russian fighter jets were nose to nose over Syria. Russia had violated its word regarding where they were to fly over the troubled nation and America was forced into the skies to take action. Even with such dreadful tensions in the air, there are some forms of human filth that both nations are unified against.

As the Daily Caller confirms, ISIS/Daesh terrorists and those of a similar mindset are just such an enemy. So strong is the bond of needless violence that Russian leader Vladimir Putin phoned U.S. President Donald Trump to “thank him for a CIA tip that prevented a plot to bomb St. Petersburg.

It is being reported in the Associated Press that the CIA supplied “enough information” for Russia to halt the attack before any innocent lives were taken. While a war with the great nation could kill billions of people, neither side wants to see the lives of the everyday people taken without such conflict arising.

The Press has also written that the malice was to have come “against the Kazan Cathedral and numerous other locations in St. Petersburg.” As always, Christ and his church is the target and almost nothing is said. Had it been Allah’s mosque, however, the news would ring like Christmas bells for months.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has declared that seven people were arrested due to the data that was supplied by Uncle Sam’s most secretive of agencies.

How much of a diplomatic (not mention moral) win was this? It is now promised that the Kremlin return the favor should they find any intelligence suggesting that the United States is a target for terror! Let that process in our heads. Here we have a U.S. president in the midst of a new Cold War and Trump has recruited their leader as an ally against terror. This is after Russia has openly shown distaste for how America fights terror near Russian borders.

Perhaps a breakthrough is underway and Trump can someday end this Cold War as Reagan did.

Russian security services, should they have information about possible terrorist threats to the United States and its citizens, will swiftly and unconditionally share it with the US colleagues via partner channels,” declared the Kremlin press, according to TASS.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote yesterday on Twitter, “Can confirm and President Putin spoke today. Readout from the WH coming shortly.” This is the kind of deal-making and unity that Trump was talking about when he said that he would get along “well with Mr. Putin.” He did not mean that Putin was helping him win the election, but rather, that the two men could work towards the common good of both peoples, even during a time of great duress and disagreement.

Trump could likely achieve even more good in the world if the left would simply agree to the fact they lost election fairly and they are more than welcome to try and defeat him in three years. Until then, we have a fight to win against those who are trying to blow us up for the Christmas season.

For us to be victorious in that fight, if the Cold War bear wants to join in the fight, let us welcome the claws.

Source: The Conservative Daily PostThe Daily Caller – The Associated Press