PUBLISHED: 9:14 PM 16 Dec 2016
UPDATED: 8:45 PM 18 Dec 2016

Putin To Obama: If You Lie About Me One More Time Russia Will…

Putin is not joking anymore

Putin is not joking anymore

Putin is not joking anymore

Vladimir Putin has had enough of being accessed of “hacking the US presidential election.”

Putin, obviously well-aware of Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats blaming him for the election hacks, has issued a statement to Obama that should quickly send Obama looking for his safe space.

Putin, early Friday morning, said that: “The US must either stop accusing Russia of meddling in its elections or prove it. It is indecent of the United States to groundlessly accuse Russia of intervention in its elections.”

“You need to either stop talking about it, or finally show some kind of proof. Otherwise it just looks very indecent,” Putin added.

Putin also warned that Obama’s threat to “retaliate” to the alleged Russian hack is “against both American and international law,”and that if Obama had proof, he should show it or shut up.

Putin is exactly right. Democrats would be wise to do some self-reflection. The American people rejected Hillary Clinton and chose to elect a candidate that promised a stronger future.

Furthermore, Putin made it very clear that Russia would take be forced to take action if Obama continues to…