Russian Exile Found Dead

PUBLISHED: 9:50 PM 13 Mar 2018

Putin Becoming Force To Reckon With After Another Opponent Found Attacked

He had strangulation marks around his neck.

A second anti-Putin figure was found attacked in Britain.

Unless dealing with the Clintons, it is generally not too dangerous to oppose powerful leaders. However, recent attacks have made it appear that the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is also one of these threatening figures.

Just today, a second Russian opposing Putin was found attacked. This victim was unfortunately not as lucky as the first, as he was found dead to “unexplained circumstances” in his home just last night.

Previously, on March 5, an ex-Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter were “exposed to an ‘unknown substance,” which was later revealed as a nerve agent called Novichok.

The two were enjoying their day in Salisbury, England when they became very drowsy and ill as a result of the effects of the Russian poison. While still recovering from the attack, neither lost their lives.

That was, unfortunately, not the case for a Russian exile and tycoon Nikolai Glushkov, a known anti-Putin mogul. He was found dead in his New Malden, London home with ‘strangulation marks’ around his neck.

The investigation is still pending, however, this appears to be no coincidence, as Glushkov recently “cost Alexander Litvinenko’s prisoner 14 months in jail.”

While that is, of course, no reason to kill someone, Russian politician Andrey Lugovoy is being “widely accused” as being held responsible for murdering Litvinenko with the radioactive substance polonium.

Glushkov has also been accused and jailed “for defrauding Aeroflot,” the Russian airline that he previously managed.

The first attack in March was strange and clearly indicated foul play from the Russian leader’s organization. However, after this second attack of a Putin opponent in the United Kingdom, it is undeniable that a malicious force is behind them.

While the attack on Skripal could have been devastating, as he was with his daughter, Glushkov’s murder appears to have been more personal, being that strangulation was used to kill him.

These attacks are horrifying for the Russians involved, however, they should be indicative of the extreme harm and disregard for life that is apparently the norm in Russia.

While he strives to maintain civil relationships with Russia, President Trump would never back this type of attack, as it is not something that conservative leaders in the United States would be a part of.

For this reason, this recent occurrence is yet another reason which disproves any Russian meddling in the 2016 election.