Invasive TSA Caught

PUBLISHED: 6:03 PM 10 Feb 2019

Purple Heart War Hero Subjected To Invasive Groping By TSA Tucson

Brian Kolfage has become a symbol for Wall supporters and his GoFundMe campaign is about to break ground on the privately funded barrier, so apparently, TSA thinks it’s their job to humiliate him.

Many argue this retaliation is out of control.

Brian Kolfage, a Purple Heart recipient and triple-amputee war hero was subjected to an invasive, almost perverted ‘search’ by TSA at the Tucson International Airport.

On Saturday, Kolfage was leaving from a “We Build the Wall” town hall meeting when he was physically groped on his hips, buttocks, and groin. Agents also swabbed his prosthetic legs and wheelchair, checking for explosives.

Tucson’s metro core leans extremely left, and the excessive search certainly looks like payback against the patriot. The group supports open borders and voted for Clinton in 2016, although President Trump won the outlying areas of the city.

Radical open borders groups such as La Raza have infected Tucson along with illegal alien criminals, but apparently, they consider a man who gave three limbs for his country a terror threat on an airplane.

“A concerned bystander caught the groping on video and told The Gateway Pundit that an observer was so disgusted by what the TSA agent was doing to Mr. Kolfage that they had to walk away due to disgust and anger at seeing a war hero subjected to such embarrassment.”

Mr. Kolfage responded magnanimously and told reporters, “It’s unfortunate that every time I travel I get a full search and swabbed for explosives. It’s the times we live in. I understand the security concerns but it’s not TSA’s fault, it’s the policy makers in DC who have no clue what the real world is like; it’s a joke. It’s the same people who think there’s no issue at our border.”

Exactly. And, these are also the same people who fly on private jets, not subject to the humiliating and offensive searches.

“It’s amazing how our government is so worried about airport security with a triple amputee veteran in a wheelchair but everyday thousands of illegals are coming into our nation unchecked and killing Americans. I guess they turn a blind eye to them like they have to all the angel families,” Kolfage added.

Especially since a number of those lawmakers fly on taxpayers’ dime, using military planes and racking up outrageous costs.

Kolfage continued, “The policies of TSA are so bad, they have caused a charity to be formed for wounded vets to fly on private planes so we don’t have to deal with the full cavity searches and removing of prosthetics. That’s why I usually fly Veterans Airlift Command.”

Kolfage’s GoFundMe page to build the border wall using private funds has amassed over $21 million and he recently explained that construction will begin on private property sometime over the next few weeks.

The group is building a wall that matches the government’s current construction model, so that t can be seamlessly integrated.

No wonder petty liberal weirdos enacted their little vengeance.