HAARP Caught?

PUBLISHED: 10:12 PM 20 Apr 2018

Purple Beams Caught On Tape Above Phoenix Fuel HAARP Theory

The images and video show weird discharges.

Some say that chemtrails are being used to control the weather.

There is no getting around it: Some people blame world government leaders of conducting a hoax in order to gain influence, some people cite time travelers, and others watch the skies and see alien craft., but something odd is going on in the air. U.F.O. citings are not only becoming more commonly accepted, but many institutions (like NASA) who once mocked the phenomenon are now opening the door to talk about it. As the Daily Star reported today, some people are even saying that the United States “government is running a secret military programme to control weather conditions.”

While such extremes can be debated, what can’t be argued is the fact that video evidence exists which shows “bizarre beams of purple light coming from the sky as unidentified objects dart around.” Streamed on Live 360, the footage is from Phoenix, Arizona, and was captured at “at 10:40 p.m. on April 11.”

Further away, what appears to be a U.F.O. (not necessarily aliens) is seen zipping behind a range of mountains, as well.

In the video, it is observed that “another purple spiral-like article appears to be sucked from the ground upwards.” What is making so many people who have studied this footage awestruck is the fact that about a half hour after the initial strangeness took place in the heavens, “a number of objects darting through the air.”

In less than a day’s time, 11,000 views have been amassed for the video and the number is growing by the hour. If these sightings are otherworldly, the age of the cell phone and surveillance is going to make it all but impossible for them to not be observed.

One person who viewed the footage left a comment saying, “The air is highly charged with metal ions from the chemtrailing. The purple beams could be plasma discharge. Unbelievable captures of UFO craft, it looks like they want to put on a display for us.

Then again, this may be “them” no more “putting on a show” than someone using a lighter is putting on a show for the flies who see it in a forest. The idea that any alien life form could even relate to humans is a theory not fully supported by science.

Chemtrailing, of course, is the practice of purposefully depositing metals, toxic barium, and other suspected substances into the skies, thought to be done by the government. It is believed that the faux excuse of protecting the planet from global warming could be one reason for it. Others say that it is to achieve the goals laid out in the Georgia Guidestones while still others suggest beings who want to change the atmosphere.

Those who say that it is being done to modify the weather are also chiming in, with many of them saying that this is video evidence of it!

However, a different person opined, “The purple beams may very well be part of the HAARP projects, which have the capacity to project all kinds of images on the skies and create insanely loud sounds.”

This user is referring to the “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program,” a research project that involved the “the US Air Force, Navy, University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Defence Advanced Research Agency.” BAE Technologies had a hand in the project’s implementation, as well.

As the sightings keep happening, inquisitive Earthlings will keep pondering what they are. In time, like most mysteries, the facts will probably become known. Meanwhile, be it HAARP, demons, angels, U.F.O.’s, or something quite different from anything thus far imagined, wherever “it” happens, someone will be there to take video it.

Of that, it seems certain.