Brutal Bathroom Beating

PUBLISHED: 5:22 PM 27 Oct 2018

Public School Danger: Video Shows Brutal Beating While Others Watched

The film was posted to various social media outlets, leading to the arrest of the assailant.

The video was posted with 'crying laughing' emojis, showing the depth of depravity that exists in the public schools.

In Hillsborough county, Florida, a 14-year-old girl was arrested after a video of her brutally beating another student in the bathroom was posted to social media.

While other students watched the violence with sick encouragement, the victim was punched, kicked, and dragged across the floor by her hair.

An official ran into the restroom after hearing the girl screaming and separated the students. But the incident has raised serious questions about the safety of public schools and the complete lack of empathy by the students, who apparently thought it was funny.

According to reports, the fight was instigated by the victim’s cousins ‘following’ the girl who committed the assault.

The student who taped the beating is ‘being disciplined’ by Armwood High School, according to school guidelines, but many parents were shocked and sickened by the attack.

“Like, my kids don’t come to school to fight, they don’t come to offend anybody,” parent Hiram Flores told reporters.

“My concern is, for their safety, because if no one is doing anything about it, I already decided that I’m going to end up taking my kids out and home schooling them.”

Fellow parent Christopher Durant plans on asking his son some questions about the incident.

“Was he aware of it? Did he hear anything? What’s going on at the school? How is he liking it? Because he’s a ninth grader.”

“I will continue to have zero tolerance for school violence and will put a stop to students that seek attention by preying on fellow classmates,” stated Sheriff Chad Chronister, adding, “Parents deserve to know that their children are safe and our youth should not be afraid of going to school each day to further their education.”

However, the parents of the victim didn’t have that luxury. She was beaten bloody, and nothing was done to prevent it.

As public schools continue to preach a doctrine of liberal acceptance, it seems the violence has increased. More and more parents are choosing to home school their kids because they know that they are simply not safe in public schools.

Watch the sickening act below: Warning, violence