Veritas Part III

PUBLISHED: 8:05 PM 20 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 8:06 PM 20 Sep 2018

Project Veritas Video Showcases Communist In Government Accountability Office

The third video in the series showed a communist who worked for the GAO, bragging about doing political work on the taxpayer's dime.

The newest Project Veritas video showcased a communist in the GAO who was happy to brag about doing work for a socialist party while being paid by the taxpayers.

Project Veritas, James O’Keefe’s pet project designed to uncover corruption in the political left in the United States, has released two videos in two days concerning socialists in the United States who are working as part of the ‘deep state,’ undermining the Donald Trump agenda. Today, they released their third video.

This third video revealed an employee of the Government Accountability Office who used his time in the office to push his socialist agenda. The worker admitted that he like to “break rules everyday” at work, and boasted that they had a deep state member who was working in the Defense Department with ‘top secret’ clearance. They’re boasting about crimes they’ve committed, and taxpayers are paying for it.

The first few videos featured people who called themselves socialists, or democratic socialists, but this newest video, the third in the series, featured a man who openly avowed himself to be a communist.

Communism was, of course, the ideological system responsible for some of the most horrific atrocities of the 20th century, including the Holodomor and the millions of deaths as part of Mao Zedong’s ‘cultural revolution.’

The employee who described himself as a communist was in the last video, though not for any great period of time.

His name was Natarajan Subramanian, and he worked for the United States GAO.

Like the other stars of the series thus far, Subramanian also happened to be a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and of the local Metro DC DSA organization.

Subramanian works as a federal employee, specifically as an auditor for the aforementioned Government Accountability Office.

However, he has a second role, in which he manages social media accounts for the Metro DC DSA group. He admitted, on video, that he did work for the hard-left ‘political’ group while at work in the United States federal government.

He also admitted that he knew it was not legal for him to do so, and that everything that he was doing with the socialist political party was not just prohibited, but explicitly so.

Subramanian said that if the people he worked for in the government found out, he could “get in trouble, basically.”

In June 2018, the leftist organization he joined hounded the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen.

Subramanian admitted then that he secretly spent most of his workday “doing social media” operations for the local DSA group.

The direct quote stated that “no one knows” he spent six hours of the prior day, at his government job, managing the social media account of the group.

The communist also stated that, although a few of his coworkers at the GAO knew that he was a communist and a member of the leftist group, his superiors didn’t know.

He described himself as a ‘communist’ who belonged to DSA in the nation’s capitol, and even said that there were a number of people who were part of the organization who were “Trotskyists or Leninists.”

Subramanian also talked about how leftists could ‘slow down’ their pace of work, in order to further undermine President Donald J. Trump and his legally elected administration.

The communist government employee also bragged that one Metro DC DSA member was even an employee of the Department of Defense, who had a Top Secret clearance in order to work on “war planning stuff” regarding the ongoing conflict in Syria.

The video, taken by an undercover member of Project Veritas, showed that Subramanian was well aware that what he did was wrong, and illegal.

Various federal statutes limit, or outright prohibit, federal employees and their ability to engage in certain political activities.

He said that “sometimes,” while working for the government, he had to keep such political behavior ‘under wraps’ to avoid getting in trouble.

He admitted that he knew he could be fired for the things he did at work for his political party, and that he even filed disclosure paperwork in very vague way to avoid making his ties to Metro DC DSA known to his employers and leaders.

Subramanian also talked about the fact that there was little oversight, and he could log onto his work late if he telecommuted from home.

Earlier today, after the video launched, the GAO issued a statement on Twitter, which stated that they were investigating the claims in the video.

Two hours later, an attorney representing Project Veritas, Ben Barr, filed a complaint with the GAO. For socialists in the ‘deep state,’ it seems like the hits just keep coming. What will the next video from James O’Keefe and company reveal?